Buying new combo DVD for my lap , need set as master/slave?



Hi guys I’m actually confused about this stuff, I’ve been checking some Slim dvd units for my laptop which is a sager 5680 , right now the drive on my lap which has lot’s of issues is a toshiba sd-r6112 setted as Master ( I guess don’t know if it’s under CSEL ).
So question is I will be buying a Pioneer DVR-K15 do I need a special firmware on drive to work on my laptop, like the drive has to be setted as master slave or csel??
Sorry maybe I’m doing a stupid question, but If I buy the drive and doesn’t work I’ll be really pissed off


I have just purchased and installed the Pioneer DVR-K15. There were no issues as this laptop drive does not have a master/slave configuration to set as in desktop drives. You simply remove the old drive and take it out of the adapter and then put the DVR-K15 into the adapter and install it where the old drive came out. As for firmware, I am including a link to a discussion about a firmware update. I did install the update as I was experiencing some difficulty with reliable burns at first.
I had to test out the drive using a number of different types of media. I found that the 8x Verbatim and 8x Maxell DVD+Rs worked well. This drive runs very quitely and is definitely a big improvement over the stock QSI drive that came with my laptop. The best to you.


Hi thanks so much for answering me, well so I guess I can buy this unit without any problems to replace the crappy toshiba sd-r6112 I had on my sager laptop, by the way what’s the laptop your got which manufacturer?
Really nice you’re telling about the firmware setting I was worried, so the drive has no presetted master , slave or csel config.
Hey what’s your name paul over here, big pleasure meeting you, by any chance if you got msn add me so we can chat :wink: mines , now something else , which firmware you had shipped by default on the drive, now I’m worrying cause you said you had some issues on reliable burns, this is so damn complicated to find a reliable dvd unit, I said well I’ll choose pioneer which is the leader on all this stuff… and always some issues come up eeks. :iagree:
in my place what would be the best advise? buy this one? hey where did you buy yours? I’m finding it for about 109 U$S on , well we’ll keep in touch , cheers cya :slight_smile: