Buying midia from ebay is good?

I was thiking in buying some midias from ebay (im not from us so doesnt have many options :Z )…

Anyone have experience buying there? Is there a great risk of buying crap/fake midia? Even from 3.000+ positive coments vendors for example?

Which midia should i avoid?

Any recommendations?

thx :smiley:

Then i guess you’re somewhere in europe, maybe?

I’ve heard nothing but bad stories about media bought from eBay… Stick to a reputable online store, there’s gotta be one out there that will ship to whereever you are.

And as for the feedback, say you’ve got 3,000 DVD Burner owners who buy media from a guy on eBay. How many of them do you think know how to spot a fake TY?

Like Tehgrue mentioned, there are many trusted shops with real TY or other media brands! :iagree:

Problem is i need someone who ship as “gift” under 50$ or in my great country you pay around 100% of taxes (no joke) :Z

Geez, what country is that?


Ah, well, I guess if local shops don’t have any good options, you can give eBay a shot.

BTW, I love hearing about all the great things your country is doing with open source software and the whole “free software/free culture” movement.

Hi Tiao, im from Venezuela. I know what u mean!! … I just have ordered 2 packs of 100 Verbatim DVDs at amazon, havent u tried there?? They accepts International credit cards and they have a good slection of media, ebay will be the last option for me… oh well… I have heard that amazon doesnt pack the very well but other ppl denies that… but ill see…

by the way… avoid Princo and Matrix media at all costs!! :slight_smile:

I whould try amazon but they have high chances of being taxed, for example theres a basic tax for everything you import of 60%, plus local taxes that whould total about 80%-100% :eek: :eek: :eek:

But theres a rule that if someone (not a company) send to you as “gift” and cost less than 50$ (item+shiping) you dont pay any importing tax… so makes a huge difference…

Ill search ebay and see maybe i can give amazon a shot since even with this **** taxes will still be same price of “popular commerce” (that guys who sell fake ps2, psone games, fake baterys, smuggles stuff etc etc :eek: )… lol :bigsmile:

sim, pobrezinho, é muito caro no Brasil. Ia lhe sugerir a loja onde “a gente vai mais profunda,” mas é muito caro là também para as peças DVD que têm là . :eek:

Se eu fosse você, eu lhes explicaria a Amazon o problema meu, e talves eles possam enviá-lo assim como ‘presente,’ porque tem muita razao que as taxas sao muito altas! nossa!

Aqui tem o endereço da página no site Amazon que contem a informaçao sobre o frete:

boa sorte, Tiao

Hola, Carlos. ¿Hay impuestos por la importación de DVD allí en Venezuela? ¿Cuánto le cobraron por esos 200 DVD en cuanto al manejo y envío?

Hola, debo pagar impuestos de importacion si el paquete posee una factura y esta, sobrepasa los 100 Dolares Americanos. Depensiendo del Producto dentro del paquete se paga iun porcentaje, por ejemplo para Discos Virgenes se pagan 5% del costo q diga la factura, para estos 200 discos no pagare impuetos ya que los dos spindles de 100 me costaron 70 Dolares en toal y no sobrepasa los 100 Dolares.

Eu to quase desistindo e comprando no camelo mesmo :sad: