Buying Liteon 40x in Phoenix

Does anyone know of a store in Phoenix that sells the Liteon 40125S or 40125W (or the Teac CDW 540E)?

Appreciate any info.

buy one online. [i haven’t seen a w version anywhere yet]

Don’t know if this reply is timly enough to do you any good but…

(This is not a recommendation for them as I’ve only shopped there once myself.)

Check out They have a shop on 19th ave.
Use caution though. I purchase (3) 40x burners and got (1) LTR40125S and (2) LTR40125W versions.

(Wish I had browsed CDFREAKS earlier. I could have been a better informed consumer.:confused: )

P.S. In reference to another post of yours, they only list a black bezel for the 32X model.

Thanks. I had gone thru their site a few days earlier, but their prices seem quite high. I was planning on buying the TEAC 40x and the Liteon…