Buying LG DVD Burner Help

Hello. I’m looking to buy a DVD burner and interested in a LG, never had one of this brand and want to give it a try.
I saw 2 of them on newegg that caught my eye…

LG GH24NS95 OEM $17.99
LG GH24NS95R Retail $30.59

The model looks the same, I guess the added R stands for retail? If it’s just the pretty packaging then I’ll go for the non R, I get $3 off with promo code so it’s $14.99. If it’s not just the packaging, then does anybody know the difference between the two?
I know Blu Ray is the way to go, but I don’t even buy DL DVD+R’s 'cause I think they’re too expensive… lol
Oh, and if you could post of a burner you recommend, please.thanks.

// For informational purposes.
I will be using the burner mostly for DVD video and maybe some Audio CD’s…

yes LG GH24NS95R is the retail version, bought one of the lg’s myself to replace a liteon ihas 122c that’s in the kitchen pc.

wasn’t going to buy a bdr writer to put in that pc although it does seem that bdr writers create better quality burns on dvdr’s than the new dvd writers whose write quality isn’t as good as some of the older models.

hopefully the lg will write better to the big pile of ritek f16 disc’s ive bought.

I would say get LG BluRay burner if they aren’t expensive to get as they be able to write the new format and LG drivers are fairly reliably drives to have. But they will be still able to write to cd/dvd media besides BD media. Remember OEM doesn’t have all the packaging Retail does and is the bare drive most of the time with some screw that come with it.