Buying LG 5163D burner today..need some inputs

After seeing the wonderful scans and the fact that LG works great on the kind of media I generally buy, I am thinking about buying the LG 5163D external drive. The cheapest I am getting it is at Sams club for $99 (+ taxes). The encousre is a USB/Firewire combo.

This will be in addition to the BenQ 1640 which I ‘virtually’ have (I just RMAd it).

I was considering the LiteOn 1693 + Prolific chipset as well, but somehow the LG seems better to me. Any opinions?

The 5163 & 4163 are almost perfect drives - at least when you feed them with TYG02 or MCC02RG0. I mostly use TYG02/Verbatim 8x from svp and i’m still surprised about the flawless scans. Every now and then between 200 and 500 PIF but mostly sub 100 PIF and quite a few sub 10 PIF, lol good stuff :slight_smile:

Otherwise read this topic where i think most is said :slight_smile:

Thanks, Also what are the experiences of burning Verbatim DVD+R DL media. I will be mostly burning these. Also what speed is recommended for these media?

My only good DL burn ever was on Verbatim 2.4x media, which I burned @ 4x with very good result.

Yup! Got my drive and I think its one of the best burners for Verbatim DL media!