Buying illegal dvd's over the internet

i have come accross a few sites which are selling spider man 2, harry potter 3, shrek 2. I was wondering if it is legal because they say that they are only providing backup copys and that you must already have the copy before you buy it off them ect. I dont know if i am aloud to put the sites up here so i wont for that reason, if i am aloud someone tell me and i will post them up.

p.s. hope i havent broken any rules

You havent broken any rules relax :wink:

In strictly legal terms i guess that the service they are providing is legal, if they check that their customers do own the original DVDs (asking for a copy of purchase proof etc). I somehow doubt it though.

yes if you looked at the sites its quite obvious the know you dont own the products i mean who buys the top 40 albums. They sell the top 40 albums on 1 dvd disk. Someone tell me if i am aloud to post the sites up.

Mainly because those aren’t even released on DVD yet…

oh yeah that aswell

> Someone tell me if i am aloud to post the sites up

Nope dont do that.

okie dokey - so if say i was to buy S.WA.T of them, would i be breaking the law, although i own a copy of the original.

why would you want to buy a copy if you own the origina as welll?


Agreed, with a dvd burner and some good software, you can make your own backup which may even be superior to the qaulity you get from them, keep in mind they may not do a good job, do they have samples or clips so you can see what quality you are getting… I doubt it.

If you dont have a dvd burner or are not in the market for one, I suppose their service would be beneficial for you or anyone else with that situation.

To answer your question if you bought a bundle you would have to destroy whatever of that bundle you don’t own an original of within 24hrs of receiving them. Thats the law in U.S. anyway but I think its also the law in just about eveyr other country too.

Hope that helps!!! :slight_smile:

How contradictory. Buying “legal” DVDs from an illegal DVDs website.

Might not own a DVD Burner.:slight_smile:

I can only speak for what I know, and I know that if I had bought some bootlegs while in Thailand, the customs cannot seize them when I get home. But that is here.

well, i dont think i will order off them, although i would like to, i dont think it is worth the risk. If anyone wanted the websites, they do “backups” of everything email me at and ill give them to you.