Buying Gilmore Girls!



im about to buy gilmore girls complete season , its not for me for my cousin , but im afraid that where im buying it will be a copy . i found it on ebay item 270076010526 & the price is half the price i get it on amazon , price of ebay is £71.90 ( £4.90 the complete seanson , £65 shipping , £2 insurance )

i know shipping qoute is expensive and dvd qoute is cheap i think seller is doing it not to pay high ebay fees .

on amazon its $232.75 + shpping = $239.73

do you think the 1 from ebay is a copy ? i think it is cause it says " Code & Format : All code, Region Free, NTSC Format "

waiting for your expert advice


It certainly looks like a copy as the original is clearly set up with a region. I would avoid it as you never know what you will get from China and the feedback is waaaaaay too low and any refund you receive could be limited to the original cost leaving you stuck for the “shipping”.


ok thanks chas0039