Buying either nec 3540, nec 3550 or pioneer 110d

which of these drives would give the best burn quality with the most recent official or modified firmware?

i’m about to head out in the next hour to grab one of these to replace my dying benq 1640 and dying nec 3500 … anyone got any quick suggestions?

110d can be crosssflashed to an A10!
3540 is a very good drive!
3550 is good to some not good enough for others!

If you buy the 110 be sure it can be the master in your setup!

I 've been using NEC ND 3550A without any problems

The 3540A (what I own) is a great drive, but has some firmware issues. Some 3540’s work better with the latest firmware, 1.03, others do not. Which is really weird. I’m still using 1.01 and I don’t know if I want to use modified firmware on my drive yet since it is still fairly new. I wish NEC would release a new firmware for the drive but it seems like only after one update, they turned their backs on it.