Buying DVD-Writer, Need Advice

Hi there,
After using CD-R’s for a damn long time, I finally decided to get myself a nice DVD-Writer. I’ve never looked into DVD-R’s so I pretty much don’t know anything. Noticed there are a couple different disc formats, some are faster, some slower and that’s about it.

Yesterday I’ve read a couple reviews and I guess I should go with the LG GSA-4163B. It’s not really expensive and the performance seems to be pretty good. Please post your opinions.

What I need the DVD-Writer for: Definitely for backups, that’s the main reason I’m using a CD-R anyway. All written CD’s/DVD’s must be readable on my other PC which has a LG DVD drive, guess there won’t be a problem here. When it comes to -RW’s, dual layer discs or some other fancy tech - I don’t really care about those. It’s definitely nice to have them supported, but I can live without them.

I guess that’s about it when it comes to the DVD-Writer. One more thing (so I don’t have to start another thread ;))

As I mentioned, I’ve seen there are DVD-R’s and DVD+R’s. What’s that all about? Why isn’t there one format? Any pros and cons?

I’ve checked some prices and I guess I’ll go with Verbatim DVD-R’s cause they’re cheaper, but are those worse? So many questions :confused:

Edit: Ok, found some answers about the formats in the sticky, gonna read those articles now.