Buying DVD+R(W)

I’ve read up a lot on backing up DVD’s and now I have a reason to buy more media. I have some TY02 DVD-R’s but now that I’ve got a BenQ 1640 I read that it burns +R’s much better so I’m considering getting these TYG02 from and was wondering if this was the right choice to make. I’ve seen a lot of people use Verbatim’s but I’m not too sure which ones to get so I’m gonna stick with what I know and go w/ the TY’s. If anyone has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is too noobish for you guys but i’m still reading daily and trying to learn as much as I can.

Also I had a question about +RW’s. Which ones are good? I have absolutely no idea on this one. SuperMediaStore only stocks Verbatim, Ritek, and Memorex +RW’s and I’m not sure which one to get. I was swaying towards the Verbatim’s but i’m not sure if I’ll get some MIJ’s or MIT’s or what dye’s they will come out to be.

On a side note I don’t intend to print any label’s or I don’t have a printer that can print on dvd’s ATM because I can’t afford it ATM.

Please help out a newb

You say you already have “TY02” DVD-R media and you’re wondering whether to buy some DVD+R media called “TYG02” from SuperMediaStore.

You are confusing the names and types of media somewhat.

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media have the media id YUDEN000 T02, some people incorrectly call them TY02 but there really isn’t any such media id.

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R media have the media id TYG02. Your link is in fact not to this media, but rather to the DVD+R variant above.

Most Verbatim media is very good, and I would recommend Verbatim over your other two candidates for DVD+RW media.

I can’t help you with the TY02s I have TYG02, YUDEN000-T02 (whichever you meant)discs (Fujifilm) and a BenQ 1640 but oddly enough, I’ve not burned those discs on that burner (I have another burner).

I can help you with the RWs. Get the Verbatims. Ritek’s +RWs burn with crappy quality. Read a few of the writer reviews here and you will see that the Ritek DVD+RWs always burned the worst of the DVD+RWs in terms of burn quality. Nobody knows what you will get with Memorex, because Memorex just buys from other random companies and rebrands. Who they buy from also varies from time to time, so you never know what discs are really inside a Memorex package. I suspect it will also be Ritek though, in this case.

Sorry for the confusion I forgot what the +R Taiyo’s were called I remember it was something with 02 but thanks for the help guys. I’ll be getting the YUDEN000 T02’s and some Verbatim’s from SMS.

Verbatim MKM A02 4X DVD+RW has performed well over 30 or so rewrites. Just ignore any Quality Scans - they look horrible though predictable for RW media.

Memorex Ritek 008 8X DVD+RW media works but occasionally stutters on playback in my Philips DVP642 DVD player. I have had to trash one disc after only 5 rewrites because it did not like being erased in my Plextor 716A after being used exclusively in the BenQ 1640.

I can live with these for watching throwaway videos but would never trust it for data backup or long term data storage.

YUDEN000T02 is easily the best DVD+R I have ever seen.
It’s really the only DVD+R I care to use.

MKM DVD+RW are also excellent discs.
I use several of those for my DVD+RW recorder.

May I ask which device you have and at what speeds it can burn the medias?

It burns 1x, it’s a DVD recorder from LiteOn. I have others too, but that’s the main one for that kind of media. Every now and then, burn a disc on the Pioneer 109, but not often, either 2x or 4x, whatever they are rated.

I like the Sony S11 DVD+RW MIJ discs. QUite nice on my 832S and 1640…

Ah, thanks for the info, lordsmurf!