Buying DVD+R Online in Canada?

I already use for all my disc but i’m finding their selection of +R isn’t as good as -R.

I’d really like to get some verbatim or ricoh of the +R varity.

Have you tried

yeah, their dvd+r selection is even more limited and their prices are high

Check out .

How about .

they updated their site ya know?? they got ritek ridatas with ricoh code…media code: RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R @ 4X but u can easily burn at 8x :wink:

yeah, i bought 10 of them to test em out but after my last batch of unbranded ritek g04s am having doubts of buying a large quantity from ritek again.

plus the scan on the first disc i made wasn’t the greatest

That is better than my scan of a new pressed DVD. I wish I got burns like that. What exactly are you expecting??

perfection… muhahahahha.

I think i’m more worried about data integrity, but that’s really anyone guess. I wish i could believe the media companies that say the dye will stay intact for 100 years.

Do you plan to be alive in 100 years to watch a DVD? Hell, in a few years time everything is going to be Blue Ray or HD-DVD Anyways…

yes, however i doubt i will have a mega awesome hd tv to really take advantage of bluray. plus downloading thoes discs would be a pain, lol