Buying DVD-player: the problems

The choices I have are:

  • pioneer 106s
  • asus e616
  • liteon 16 speed (I think it’s the LTD-163)
  • aopen 1648

Now each of them has their bad sides, according to reviews, some of which may have been corrected with new firmware releases. As I can’t find info on that, I’m asking here.
Can any of you say that one of the problems below has already been solved? it will make my choices just a bit easier to make :slight_smile:

Pioneer 106s

  • cannot read subchannel (96 bytes) data
  • low DAE ripping speed
  • very slow laserlock/securom ripping

ASUS e616

  • very slow seek time and sometimes takes ages to spin up
  • lots of errors on DAE for scratched disks


  • skips errors very slowly (on audio cd’s, dunno about DVD)
  • doesn’t read subchannel data at all
  • doesn’t fully read 90/99 minute cd’s

As I heard of NO problems whatsoever with the liteon, I am thinking of going for that one, but but the problems with asus could easily be corrected by a firmware-update, I think, and I heard it’s even faster than the liteon (except DAE).

The pioneer and aopen almost disqualify themselves because of the subchannel data problem, although I don’t know ho much of a problem that is IRL: I mainly intend to watch + rip dvd’s and rip cd’s, for which I also have my sony crx140e-bp.
Plus I think the slot-in feature is really cool :wink:
Any help is appreciated.


[li]AOpen can’t read DVD+R.
[/li][li]Pioneer/LiteOn can’t read some crap DVD-R

Ever thought about Toshiba? It’s only slow in reading encrypted DVDs (2x-5x CAV)

sorry man, but the Toshiba’s that are currently sold (I think after november 2001) do not have upgradable firmware, so I would be stuck with region protection, for which I pass :wink:

What’s that about not reading cd-r?
Cheap cd-r’s? that would be bad :frowning:

I didn’t speak of cd-r. I spoke of DVD-R and DVD+R