Buying DVD Media in the UK

This is post is mainly geared toward UK buyers. I am wondering what places are considered “reliable” for buying DVD medias. So far I’ve pretty much stuck to (blankdiscshop), since I bought my Pioner 106D from them.

I would also like to know if there was a place to get the highly praised Taiyo Yuden DVD medias in the UK.
Having read a few read, I get the impression that the G04 are not as reliable as they used to. When I bought my Pioner I bought 10x Traxdata DVD-R and DVD+R and they all worked fine (couldn’t tell the difference really, except the price). Then SVP stopped selling them and I bought a spindle of Datasafe (G04) and I got one coaster. I don’t think its that bad, but I figure that if there is better then I might give it a go.

Also, assuming that a drive is capable of burning DVD-R and DVD+R, is there any reason to pay extra for DVD+R discs?


Taiyo Yuden Silver Surface DVD-R - Bulk (100 on the spindle)

TY in U.K ?

I’ve stopped using the Ritek’s as the quality lately just wasn’t very good to be honest (DataSafe G04s).

I’ve bought a spindle of Verbatims and the quality is superb, not a sinlge coaster so far and there’s no pixellation at the end of the burned discs, as was happening with the Riteks.

TY’s are hard to find in the UK for a reasonable prices but there’s loads of places sell the Verbatims.

svp sell ty’s Pack of 5 Verbatim (4x) Pastel Coloured DVD-R (With excellent Taiyo Yuden dye) in Slimline Jewel Cases at 3.75 :slight_smile:

Hi There

Plenty of Ty’s floating around U.K these days.

Cheapest is The guy there is Vic and he is very VERY helpful. He has panasonic printables (-R TY inside) for .68 p , Verbatim pastels for 3.50 per 5 pack INC vat, Maxells for 15.50 INC VAT ( +R TY inside)…plus a few others…the maxell +R’s work out to .5115 p each EX VAT…this is the cheapest TY in U.K so far.

Seems Maxell are running some sort of special promotion on +R (TY) stock , hence the low price…

TY branded discs coming soon…



Bought the Maxells for £18.50 + p/p, which makes them about £0.77 each. Burnt a few aqnd all perfect (nec1300 + CDSpeed). They are now £17.50 for 25.

If we are to believe we are still being ripped off in the UK, they must be very cheap trade wise.

Hi Icey

The +R’s are now 15.50 inc Vat at blank shop as of Monday (Tomorrow). The web site still says 17.50 but trust me i have ordered a stack for tomorrows delivery that should be coming in and they ARE 15.50 inc. I buy ex vat myself so it works out to .5115 per disc…gotta be happy about that…