Buying DVD burner - advice



Hey, I’m new to the board.

I’ve been looking around for a DVD burner ever since I read about Plextor PX-708A. Then waited for a DL version to come out.

Now Plextor has brought out the PX-716A, I was looking forward to buying - until I read the reviews and comments. Seems there has been a lot of trouble with this specific model. Which kinda made me disappointed because I had my eye on it.

Anyhoo, since then I’ve been advised on buying the LG 4163, the Pioneer DVR108 and the NEC 3500. The latter has been superseded by the NEC 3520 model.

I’ve been reading the fora and I find that some people are happy with the PX-716, others are having trouble. Ditto with the LG 4163. Haven’t really considered the Pioneer 108, though it seems to write to RW discs at only 4x rather than 8x with the other models. Am still waiting to hear about the NEC 3520.

Basically, all this is really doing my head in because I keep getting confused. One drive seems to be hopeful, then it’s cursed with problems.

Please give me some advice!

Should I buy a drive now, and if so which? Or should I wait for a month or so before deciding?


You could be waiting forever for that elusive ‘perfect’ burner. I personally recommend the NEC, havent as yet heard a bad thing about it. Plextors while top of the line, can be extremely overpriced. I also believe the Benq DW 1620, is a great piece of hardware, provided you flash it to the current firmware.


I have the 3500 and have burned about 500 disc’s and not one bad one, get that nec 3500



I have two 3500’s and are very satisfied with them and their burns-



Hey stealthwolf…

I have 2 3500’s too along with a Liteon 1633. The NEC is the way to go IMO.


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You aren’t making babies with your original 3500 are you - damn perverts…;-]



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I’ve had the NEC 2500 and never a coaster, go for the NEC.


Okay, so I’ve made up my mind to buy the NEC 3520.

The problem is, at, they say that there is no warranty for the drive (which is OEM). This is kinda worrying since if it fails, it means I’m buggered.

Should I still go for OEM or wait a while for retail?

If I wait, I probably won’t be able to buy the drive (or at least install it) since I won’t be at home for around 3 months. Unless I can get the retail before I go away.


Hey stealthwolf…

3520???:confused: I see 4 votes for the 3500 & 1 vote for the 2500. Where’d ya get the idea for the 3520? I can’t say squat about this one. It’s so new that I don’t believe that it’s even been released here in the States. I saw kenshin speak of getting one but other than that I really haven’t heard any reviews on it yet. If your worried about getting hosed for no warranty, I would stay with the 3500 just for it’s reputation of being a solid drive. Or wait till the 3520 has had a chance to get out and tested a bunch by people on this forum. You can look on the NEC forum and pay attention to peoples signatures to see if anyone has this in their arsenal. If you find one then maybe drop that person an e-mail or PM them to find out their opinion. Good luck.



I bought a Mad Dog 3500 and it has burned anything that throw in it. I got a Benq 1600 for Christmas and I haven’t had enough time to put it thru the paces yet but, it doesn’t look like it is going to be as good as the 3500.