Buying Double-Layer DVDs



At Best Buy, they had a 20 or 25 pack of 8.5Gb Memorex discs for over $50.

I thought DL media had dropped to about $1 per disc?

I looked at NewEgg and TigerDirect; it’s really slim pickings when looking for double-layer media. Is it just unpopular, bad, what? Is everyone just jumping over to Blue-Ray or something?

Anyhow, where should I buy double-layer DVDs from?



You shouldn’t even be looking at anything but Verbatim. Either NewEgg or are the best sources.


I agree with CDan. But you know we all have little friends that gotta have a copy to so for hand outs cheaper media is all I use! :smiley:


the problem with best buy, is they generally have one brand of DL on sale every week, and the go into rotation. So if you find a brand you like, it might only go on sale once a month, which is annoying.


[QUOTE=teh roxxors;2015422]I thought DL media had dropped to about $1 per disc?[/QUOTE]

You can buy DL disc for around $1 each but they are [U][B]Playo brand [/B][/U] :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z
you can get them right here
they are not the best brand there is but some people have had good luck with them
but still its a crap shoot as to wither or not they will burn good and be readable and
last a while before degrading. :confused: :eek: I believe it would be better to spend the extra
$$$$$ per disc on Verbatim MKM003 and know that you’ll get a quality disc and burn
that will be readable afterwords. :iagree: