Buying Clone DVD Question from Sly?

My trial time with Clone dvd/Copy dvd is about to run out in 10 days time.
I absolutely love using it and even my problem with trying RW is also now fixed with Benq media. My question is, should I wait till the 10 days runs out or should I buy it before then. The reason is, I see that many people on the forum have had trouble getting the keys for it when purchased. So is it better to try and get it up and running before the free trial runs out? :confused: I dont want to be left in the dark without my Clone dvd for days! I love the product tho :slight_smile:

@ rapallo,

I would buy the SlySoft ( AnyDVD-SlySoft Bundle Package for $59 bucks now.

If you have a valid credit card and pay close attention to all the information displayed on the Web Pages during the ordering process you shouldn’t have any problems.

I am quite sure that from the posting some folks have made concerning their failure to make a copy of their Registration Keys that you will do the prudent thing and make back up copies of your Registration Key are soon as you receive them from SlySoft.

I hope you decide to purchase AnyDVD-SlySoft and welcome you to AnyDVD-CloneDVD registered user club.

Best Regards,

Thanks bjkg for all your help, you have been a wealth of information to me and Im really enjoying being a part of the forums. I have learnt so much!
I will purchase the package from them now as I love using it, and its so easy.
Tell me… I finally got the rw side of things working with a different media but something else I would like to ask is… The Benq 4x dvd+rw 4.7gb says its 120mins. I burned a trial dvd of 143mins to it, the commpression was 62% yet after checking the whole movie of 143mins was on it, but breaking up a “tiny” bit in a couple of part! Does this mean I should never put anything over 120mins on that media? thanks :slight_smile:

Well, basically that 120 minutes is “length with proper quality”, as theoretically you could put any lenght of video in same amount of data (4.7 gigabytes), just with lower bitrate, which is practically same as video quality.

So putting more than 120 minute of video isn’t the issue here, tough I can’t directly tell you what might be wrong with you as you have those breaks or so…

What do you use to watch your burned disc? Computer or standalone player? You could try to change DVD manufacturer and or try -R(W) disc instead on +R(W), tough I have had only positive results with +R(W) media…

Have you tried to burn less than 120 minute to disc and does it break up?

@ rapallo,

I another posting titled “Problem with RW disk” it was suggested to check the current firmware of your Pioneer DVR 109 DVD Burner to ensure that you had the latest firmware installed. What was the result concerning your DVR 109 DVD Burner firmware. Refer to that posting thread for information on determining DVR 109 DVD Burner firmware.

Using CloneDVD I have at times compressed to 60% and never noticed any problems with degradation of video quality. That’s why I inquired concerning DVR 109 DVD firmware status.

Congratulations on becoming a AnyDVD-CloneDVD “Owner”. The folks at Elaborate Bytes and SlySoft will not let you down. They work hard to be able to provide support and improvements to their products.

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the firmware is all up to date i checked and downloaded the latest one

@ rapallo,

My pervious posting inquiry intension was to ensure that you had the latest DVD Burner firmware installed.

When using quality DVD media and latest DVD firmware backed up copies of DVDs should not display “breaking up a “tiny” bit in a couple of part”.

Perchance could you explain why you choice to use DVD+RW media. While the Pioneer DVR 109 DVD Burner is a quality DVD Burner, Pioneer DVD Burner produces a slightly better burn using DVD- (Minus) media. Also either – (Minus) and/or + (Plus) media produce a more reliable burn than –RW and/or +RW media. If perchance your intension in using DVD+RW media was the record a DVD, then erase the DVD and then re-record a DVD will prove the be problematic. –RW and/or +RW media is Ok to record plain data but attempting to record/erase/re-record a DVD movie is slightly different because of the complexity of the DVD file structure which proves to be problematic in producing a quality video DVD playback.

Since you have purchased AnyDVD-CloneDVD I believe you have intension using this software package to back up your DVD collection. I suggest visiting Rima Com ( and purchasing known good proven quality Taiyo Yuden DVD media.

Best Regards,

I also have a question about Clone DVD, I was wondering if you could back-up episodic DVDs like 24, Simpsons, Sopranos. I love my AnyDVD and would like to have its (sister program) Clone. I love the support from Ollie and even though I didn’t buy the combo I would would still buy Clone after a fast two day trial. Also, about how long does it take to transcode a 120 min movie with Clone DVD? I would appreciate any feedback from other users or the main man himself.

Just done a quick test with the only episodic (its that a real word?) disc I own - Sex in the City series 1 (don’t you dare laugh - it is the wifes’) CloneDVD2 worked no problem - even can split it up if you want to preserve quality.

Hope this helps

Thanks abbrown: They don’t mention anything about episodic DVDs so I was just wondering. Were the episodes completely ended and started like a new episode. Did you have an episode index?

mmm - now tough question - don’t have time to test it tonight - but as far as I can see you should be able to preserve the menus and you should be good to go - if no-one can answer you tonight - I will try in the morning and post the results. From memory I seem to recall it made each episode a complte chapter on it’s own.

Thanks ab, I would do the same for you. At any rate I will wait for your response as I seen your posts and you seem pretty savy when it come to these things.

Right -tested out the disk this morning - all went well - although CloneDVD threw me a bit - I thought it had changed the order of the titles (then I realised it had just put them in order of size). When you burn the backup, they are in the correct order though. As this disc as 6 episodes per disc it was a fairly high compression - however it is very easy to split it over 2 discs by just selecting the episodes you want. I hope this helps in your decision to buy the product. It must be one of the best supported bits of software out there - and poor Olli puts up with all the stupid questions us users throw at him!!

I have used a few different bits of software to backup my DVD’s - have small children in the house you can understand why I need to do it!! - but the Slysoft/Elby products are one of the best!!

Sure. You can even split episodic discs easily to preserve quality.
Example: Episodes 1+2 on Disc 1, Episodes 3+4 on Disc 2. Keep the menus, and you can still use the original episode & chapter selection. :cool: !

Thank you both Olli and Abbrown. I am currently a registered owner of AnyDVD and I am definitely going to give Clone a go. (the 10.00USD discount was the push I needed.) I hope they take Paypal, but I will buy it anyway. This software won’t interfere with any other copying software will it. (OneClicktoDVD). I would like to have them both on my computer.

No, only VISA & EuroCard/MasterCard at the moment.
From what I have heard, they plan to add PayPal, but this will take quite a while.

This won’t interfere with other programs (OneClick) on my computer. I want to have them both.

Nope it doesn’t - I have 1-click - first bit of DVD backup software I bought (using DVD43) - ended up having too many problems - so bought all 3 Slysoft/Elby products - and have never had the need to use 1 click again - but it is still there - should really uninstall it…

I have just installed the Clone program ( on a trial basis to try ). I have backed up three discs already. The first two were disc that needed no compression and evrything went well. However, when I backed up my sons Ren and Stimpy disc 1, the whole process took about 43 mins. This is using a 16xNec reader with riplock removed and 16x Taiyo Yuden media to write with.I must say the copy was flawless but the transcoding process was a bit longer than I expected. I will experiment with this for a few days and make up my mind. I am now going to try to make a copy of a copy. I like the way you can view (like Shrink) and edit the program. It has many features that are great. I am glad to have a trial period to access this program, Slysofts products have been top notch and I expect no less of this one.

Well, I am sold on it. I tried every different kind of DVD in the house from a 14 episode Ren & Stimpy DVD to 4 different Sony Arcoss titles. You will be recieving my order a.s.a.p. I only had the trial version for 4 hours to convince me. With Clone and AnyDVD using quality media, I don’t believe I’ll have any problems.