Buying brand media with specific medium ID code?

Hi, Because i want to transfer some vacation movies from a colleague to DVD, i need EMTEC DVD-R’s with a media code ID
“DDD…” I recently bought a 5 pack of EMTEC but the ID is different
and won’t play in his dvd-player, (the ones with the DDD id does)
Officialy (according the manual) the player he’s got, won’t play writable media… at all…
Or maybe there’s an other way ???
(buying an other player isn’t an option for the moment)

Its hard to predict which dvdr will play on your friends machine. Your best bet would be to use the very best dvd -R disks you can find. Taiyo Yuden would be the first choice. If you are in the US, Hyper Microsystems will sell you as few as ten 2x speed Taiyo Yuden -R disks to try out as a test.

You can also look around at the local shops and see if you can find any dvd -R disks made in Japan. Most of those will be TY.

Second choice would be Ritek G04 disks, available at a lot of places online— and Hyper Microsytems among others.

Only thing I’ve seen like that is “DDDessauV10” DVD+R.