Buying another DVD burner




I used to visit here much more often but have been out of the loop for a while. I’m in the market to buy another dvd burner. When I was around more it seemed Pioneer or NEC were the two best burners to buy. Is that still the case or have things changed? What burner is now recommended?


I think most of the burners will do a recent job in combination with good media. Personally my favourites are BenQ, LG and Plextor.


Yep second what rapid fire is saying. Rather than finding one particular burner, finding the right combo of burner and media seems to ensure best results. My BenQ seems to handle +R media better than my Plextor, while the Plextor handles -R and DL media much better than the BenQ. Either way, I’m satisfied with both and would recommend either brand without hesitation.


Media isn’t a problem, I know how to upgrade firmwares, so that’s not a problem either. I burn a LOT. So, I just want something that can burn both dvd-r and +r media without any issues. Currently I have a LiteOn and I’m limited to using dvd+r media because of that. I don’t want that limitation anymore.


Pioneer 110 or 111 are both solid choices quality-wise but rather boring if you are looking to tweak things. NEC burn quality has been somewhat iffy since 3520.

Among other brands, Lite-On is beginning to come back with the 6S series, odd-numbered LG drives are very fast burners (faster at 16x P-CAV than 18x CAV Plextor), and last but not least BenQ 1640/50/55 are a lot of fun because they are so damn versatile.

If you are buying just one additional drive, get one of the BenQ models listed above, you’ll enjoy it.


I’m not into tweaking things. I only tweaked previously because I had to due to a LiteOn burner. I’ve been researching the BenQ’s and I’m impressed! Which would be better out of the 1640 or new 1650? I ask because I know new isn’t always better.


1650 uses a new revision of the Nexperia chipset and burns 16x +R media with better quality, but otherwise 1640 and 1650 are very similar, mechanically and specs-wise.

I would get the 1650 for 16x quality and because its firmware updates are likely to continue longer. BenQ does have a tendency to come out with firmware-based improvements [such as the addition of 4x +R DL speed to 1620 and SolidBurn and OverSpeed to 1640].


Don’t overlook the LG 4166. It is one of the best 16X +R burners I have seen yet. As to versitility, I see very little -R media that will work as well as +R so I don’t know if you will really be happy there. I have looked for a while to get a burner that would do a very good job on TYG02 and I finally settled on the NEC 4570. The 4550 should be as good.


I’m really only interested in burning at about 8x max. Also, I use Ritek’s. I know, I know, you just vomited, but on my LiteOn 832s I get excellent results with the +r media and it is sold at a resonable price.

So, without the lectures on what shit media Ritek is, what burner would I be better to get to burn Ritek’s without a problem? I’ve just been reading in the BenQ forum that they don’t do too well with Riteks.


I have burned RITEK R03 (8x +R) from two different brands with nothing but success.


Thanks for the scans. I want to be able to burn Ritek -R media as well. The G05’s or G04’s. Are either of those scans with your BenQ 1650 or only your 1640? I’m starting to think maybe the 1640 is actually better with burning all types of media then the newer 1650 is. I found a thread on here discussing just that, but no conclusion ever appeared to be reached.

I don’t even have to get a BenQ. Whatever burner will burn both Ritek -r and +r media well is the burner I want. My LiteOn already burns +r Ritek media flawlessly, but with
-r it leaves something to be desired.