Buying advice needed, please help



I have just been put in the position of replacing my pioneer dvr-108 which is about 6-7 months old. Worked a treat till it died on me. :sad: What a piece of trash! :a
The 108 replaced an optorite dd0201 which died in the same way (still detected and flashes but won’t read/write cd’s or dvd’s) :confused:
I wanted to rma the pioneer but I cannot find the reciept and the date of manf on the label is july 2004 so over 12 months and I can’t prove I only bought it about 6-7 months ago, damn! :doh:

but I have just spotted this on ebuyer, what do you think?
It’s a bit on the cheap side but it these things are only gonna last a few months at a time? I just want to know if it’s a “good” drive. Thanks for your input :bow:


It would not be my first choice but read up here and see what you think:


Go to and get a cheap one and wear it out!


Those are listed in order of reliability out of the box not burn speed. Nec makes a tank! the 1693 may be the best bet all around and if you system can take it on the install the 110D is good. The 1640 has some quality issues, but you may get lucky. Thats what I hope on Thurs.