Buying advice needed: DVD Multi-Writer



Hi all,

I’m about to buy a new dvd-writer which should be a “multi-writer” because
I need it to be able to r/w dvd-ram media (preferrably as fast as possible :bigsmile: ).
Besides dvd-ram, most of the media i’d like to use is most probably ‘-’ and single sided
but it is not that problem for me to stay on ‘+’ if the media compatibility there is far better
(currently I’m using ‘+’ media because my 3520 drive seems to like them more,
but my laptops drive does not read ‘+’, which is rather annoying).

Reading the reviews and forum posts the LG 4166 and the NEC 457[0|1] seem
to be decent (and equally priced) drives but I’m a bit confused with the
burning/scanning problems on the nec drive currently discussed in the forum
-so i actually don’t know which drive to buy. What drive would you

tia :bow:


I don’t think you would be wrong choosing either but my vote would be for the LG.


So i’ll go for the lg. Thanks, this makes me feel safer :slight_smile:



Have another vote for LG (I own two, they’re beauties). Even safer? :bigsmile:


I would encourage the LG 4167 over the 4166. Different hardware and the 4166 seems to have a few more issues reported with it.


@Arachne: yep, I’m almost shure now, if there wasn’t that post from rdgrimes :wink:

@rdgrimes: is it correct that speaking of features the only difference between the 4166 and the 4167 is lightscribe? in most shops the 4167 is considerably cheaper.

Btw, aren’t those model-numbers a bit confusing as the 4166 is the newer model, or isn’t it?


Functionally, the only difference between 4166 and 4167 is the LightScribe. I think they are about the same age.


Hi all,

sorry for the late reply but i was off for the weekend.
I’d like to thank you all for the help provided - i think i can draw
my decision now :).


I purchased an LG 4167b CD/DVD Burner in an external enclosure with USB and am very happy with it. I use it with Nero Burning software. it’s nice being able to just plug the USB into any computer and burn away. I paid about $80.00 for it online. I picke dup some quality DVD’s at Fry’s on sale and it burns them very fast. I have not burned very many CD’s and DVD’s yet, but so far I am very pleased.

I had been using my old, very old Mitsumi 4801-TE CD Burner that I bought in 1989, which is still working, but now put to pasture.