Buying advice needed (Best new burners)


I’m building a new rig and was wondering which drives to buy? what are the latest and greatest burners? I need a very good DVD+R writer and bluray is a plus…

thanks for helping out.

We generally recommend full size Blu ray burners (not slim, laptop drives) for better longevity. LG and Pioneer are still the top two as far as I am aware.

Would prefer Pioneer BDR-209

But if you don´t need BluRay, a DVD-writer is much cheaper

what about Lite-On or Plextor?
i’m asking because i remember people needed to use lite-on drives to properly burn xbox games back then… with some special firmware and because of the book-type stuff… and even thought i won’t be burning xbox games myself I have here for instance some disc images which is mentioned in the nfo the following:

  • Burn on Verbatim DVD+R 8,5 Double Layer with ImgBurn (1x or slowest)!
  • If you try other programs - set BookType “DVD-ROM” if available!
    I already tried this with a Samsung writer (and even with a very old LG one which back then did some awesome overburns to nearly 100minutes with proper media) and even tought it seemed to have burned properly (althought at 4x was the minimum speed it could) the DVD reader in my car won’t recognize that the media has navigation maps in it even tough it found the firmware update in it :confused:
    i even gave it another try with another media brand (platinum) with no luck.
    so i really hope to make the best choice regarding the writer this time to make sure i can do the best burns possible :slight_smile:
    thanks for helping me out.

will the BDR-209 be capable of very good quality audio cd ripping and be able to bypass most protections? what about scans?

Can´t say something about Xbox or audio-protections, maybe you found something here in the forum.

I know some Liteon and Optiarc can be modified with such a FW wth allows to overburn DVD-media, but not more.

And this nfo-infos are a joke. I know no one DVD DL-burner with offers 1x-speed for DL-media.

Bitsetting was never interesting for me because my first DVD-player could read all media, and that was 2004.

Actual Plextors are from Liteon

Both brands don´t sell BD-writer since years

so if the bdr209 is the way to go what dvd+r media do you recomend for the that drive?

ok thanks for your help.

DVD+R from Verbatim, AML 003 and RITEK F16 works fine with it, you will find here scans with the 209D