Buying advice...again it seems

i own an asus f3jp laptop and have long had trouble with the dvd burner so am thinking of buying a new one. i however have NO experience when it comes to them. i dont know if compatiability issues exist, and hence why im coming here. what should i be looking at / for in making my decision? any ones you can recommend?

Any NEC/Optiarc slim ½" (12.7mm) drive will fit. :slight_smile:

Your lappy is an $ntel 945-M chipet that still have atapi/ide ports.
My bet, any ide slimline drive ND-6650 and up will work well.:flower:

BTW, on my 965-express chipset lenovo lappy I still can run the nowdays old ND-6650*. Best slim burner ever built.

*Just for the sake of it, this 6650 burner resides in my sons old CompaQ rmada M700 PII lappy nowdays.

thanks for your quick response, been away with work the last week. i just realised my first question should have been how easy are they to install? i have an asus f3jp and the drive looks quite embedded in it…