Buying a Prebuild System

Do you guys know of any sites that sell cheap prebuild systems?

Ive been at dell .com and ive seen a system that was around 900 dollars that included a pentium dual core, 1 gig ram, 100 gig harddrive space, and a basic graphics card.
I need this computer for work (ie video editing, flash, programing) Any of you guys do the same? If so what computer do you guys have? i have a max limit at maybe 1200$

And heard that nvidia quatro is better for video editing than games, is that true?

Too bad you haven’t been watching the Dell outlet for the past week. They were selling XPS 600’s with dual 3.2ghz all decked out for under $1000.00. They had some XPS 400’s for under $700.00.

I don’t think you need such an expensive video card. These pro cards are mainly used for pro 3D rendering etc. If you’d be using Maya, Bryce, AutoCAD etc, you’d be looking for such a card, but I don’t think you need such a card for video editing (unless you use 3D renders in your videos).

I’d never buy a prebuilt system btw, but that’s a different story :slight_smile: