Buying a new writer, tips welcome


I bought my first writer about 2 years ago, the plextor 121032A.
1 year later I bought the 241040A. I burned so far over 1500 cd’s and I only made 5 bad copy’s. The drives are extremely good.

My question: I was thinking for an upgrade. It must be a fast burner just for backing up my work, don’t need to copy protected cd’s (game/audio), a very fast access time is what I need because I use and make a lot of cd’s.

A dvd writer would be the perfect choice for backing up all my data , but the speeds arent’ that fast for the moment, access time are very slow and I was thinking of buying a dvd writer next year.

My current burners are burning everything (even protected cd’s), but their access time are very bad.

So whats’ the best choice for the moment (cd burner): fast drive, fast access time, overburn at least 90 minutes, money is no issue.

I own also a toshiba sd-m1212, 6x 32x, great dvd rom, can read everything and never had problems with it, region free. Tips for upgrading this are welcome 2, must be faster, region free (if possible) and possible 2 read dvd+/-rw, and other dvd media.

I was thinking upgrading to the PlexWriter 48/24/48A or the new liteon 52 speed burner and the toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1612. Are they any good?


I am very happy with myPlextor PX-W4824T. I had (and still have) the Plextor 24X and 16X on other computers. I’m waiting for 24X cdrw media to arrive, but the burner has worked fine.

As far as DVD burners are concerned they are slower than CD burners in recording CDR/RWs but in looking at their slower speeds in burning DVDR/RWs remember that 1X in DVD recording is faster than 1X in CD recording. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a DVD burner, in the near term, that comes even close to the speeds of a CD burner in recording CDs. Even the DVD play speeds of the DVD burners available now are much slower than the typical 16X DVD-ROM drives.