Buying a new HP

Hope you guys can understand my english:

I’m thinking about changing my old HP cd recorder (its a HP 8100) for another model from the same manufactor… which one should I buy? I want to use it with cd clone to make backups of some programs and games…
Or you think I should buy from another manufactor? HP cd recorders arent good to use with Cd Clone?

thanks in advance!

ok if you do have the money I’d suggest that you would buy a plextor or perhaps a teac…they’re the best :slight_smile:


Ok. hanks a lot… but, one more question? Are these models (Plextor and Teac) good enough to backup cds with safedisc 2? Do they have Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns??? Isnt it necessary when making copies of cds with safedisc 2?

thanks in advance…

Well I thought so, but I’m not quite sure…check the faq section on the mainpage or ask our wellknown expert G@M3FR3@K :slight_smile:

Here you can find a list of burners which support SD2 for sure

By the way the burners with px in its name are plextor writers and they are the best (overall)

I really suggest against getting another HP, my roommate had one of their 12x models but it fucked up at any speed above 4x. I had an acer4x4x32 which wasn’t too bad but i would definitly go with the plextor of some sort or check for general information about different recorders though they won’t have anything about SD2

I,d forget the HP,go for a plex+phillips if your funds can stretch that far(killer combo) copy anything with it.

dont ask me,i aint all there

The Plexwriter 24/10/40 does the SD2 job perfectly!!!
Hp doesn’t…

By the way

The teac drives (it s a 8x8x32) is at Compusa for 99.99
10$, instant rebate, 10 mail in rebate, a &40 dollar rebate.
It also can do (
But it doesnt come with a buffer underrun technique so that makes a disadvantage.

But for the money…

The plex 24x is a cracking drive,but so are my others.Also got phillips x2 ,Acer 12x8x32,lite-on 12x10x40.In regards to HP forget it they’re shite.:smiley:

I had a hp 7200i+ for almost 2 1/2 years, but it finally died on me earlier this year. It copied everything. Hp are not total shite.
I never had a problem until the rails on the inside of the drive started to dry out and then it commited suicide on me

All cd rom drives eventually fail do to this .

Now I have a sony and 2 months I am going to have one of the new shiny 24x’s.