Buying a new external CD drive - must support HTOA

Hello all.

I’m looking to buy a new external CD drive for my computer. Doesn’t necessarily need to read DVDs, just so long as it can read CDs.

However, I own a number of CDs with hidden audio tracks before the start (pregap or HTOA, whatever you want to call it), and my old drive was unable to read such tracks (which I’ve been dying to rip to my iPod for ages).

So basically, I need a good, solid, reliable external CD drive that can read and copy HTOA.

I know there are some good drives out there that have been discontinued or no longer available - obviously any reccommendations must be currently available (I live in the UK).

Many thanks in advance!

Hi and Welcome!

my LG GE20NU10 passed the test as described on :slight_smile:
This drive isn’t too old and should be still available. Its Lightscribe twin is GE20LU10 which should perform the same.

Please note, there is also a newer GE20NU[B]11[/B], which is a totally different drive.