Buying a new DVD writer



ND-3550A NEC Was the first dual layer capable dvd writer i had wich lasted Bout 2 years for wich time it burned about 40 single layer verbatim and failed after over 20 Dual Layer discs:bow:
Then last year about august i replaced it with LG gh22ns30 wich was headache at start it probably burned no more than 10 discs 3 of wich dual layer and i will tell you why :a
For starters it refused by failing to burn any dual layer at speed over 2.4x speed tried with both verbatim and TDK discs since xbox 360 is picky about what you use to burn media i normaly use Imgburn or Clone CD, however now the drive refuses to burn at 2x speed automaticly seting everything at 4x and failing every time when it reaches bout 50% of the disc.WHat i did was to return it since it was under waranty and i intend to buy new one!
So my question is what DVD writer should i get durability wise for the sole purpose of burning Dual layer backups for XBOX360 (brand and model wise) im not aiming for the cheapest one im intrested in one that will survive least 5-6 months or a year writing only DUal layer discs!
Seems the LG one failed from just sitting cause i didnt use it for bout 3-4 months while its still 6 month old as for the new one im not some mad burner that burns over 100 discs a month i dont use it on regular basis but i do intend to burn about 5-8 disc over month !


Anyone ?


BUMP :frowning: