Buying a new DVD Writer..need advice

Well my current drive is dying on me…(Thanks EAC ;)) Well it was my fault for not giving my drive a break for like two days…oh well…this thing has always been a piece of crap…
Well now back to the current subject.
I found a drive at Best Buy for $80…
Heres a link.…41&type=product
Is this a decent drive?
Anyone heard anything about it?
I’ve found a few links…one saying it was rebadged as the BTC 1008IM and 1108IM burners
He also said that those two burners were crap…
i looked one of them up myself…most people said it was decent and that if you just upgraded the firmware it’d work fine…
Someone please respond…i’d really like a replacement soooonn…
I need advice bad.:wink:

Also…anyone know where i can find the firmware for it?

Sorry for the triple post…
I’m new to the whole dvd burning thing.

I wouldnt get it. For that price you should be able to find a namebrand (ie pioneer, nec, liteon). With the 16x burners now out, the price for 8x should be well below 80 bucks right now. Keep looking

yuo can get a Nec 3500a from for 78.00

It is my opinion that BTC makes very poor quality DVD burners. A friend of mine has a BTC 8x drive. Some months ago he wrote a DVD-R TDK branded at 4x or 8x I think and it was completely unreadable at about 30%…

If you are looking for a fast and reliable DVD burner for around 80 bucks, there are now the Pioneer DVR-108 and the NEC ND-3500A. As someone said NewEgg has it for 79.00 $ but I can’t tell you any other sites except for eBay because I live in Italy :wink:

I have bought the Pioneer as it seems to have a bit better writing quality than the NEC. Both are great drives, however. You choose.

I’d second Pioneer, NEC option. One thing to consider, is that the $78 drive has no software with it. The Pioneer has no software and the NEC has Easy CD Basic, which is very bad. Although you can pickup an OEM copy of Nero Express 6 on Pricegrabber for $6. Good for most burning tasks.

Thanks for the tips.
I went with the NEC ND-3500A.
I’ve already got the latest version of Nero. ^^;