Buying a new dvd player - tv hookup

I need to buy another dvd player and heard that new players won’t play backup copies of dvds. My Panasonic dvd-rv27 that I bought 3 years ago plays everything including everything made with CloneDVD, but they don’t sell this model any more.

Any recommendations?

Look at the dvd player section at Good info on almost any dvd player out there… They are rated by users, and if you don’t find what you want there, just search the forum. As for me, my old panasonic, and my onkyo both play everything I throw in them.

New players should play most formats, look online at the manufacturer’s site or on the box in the store. If it says plays DVD+/- media, it will play backups. If your backups are Divx or some other format, make sure it lists that.

What region do you live in?