Buying a New DVD help Please

Although I am new to this forum I am not new to “backing up” dvds using dvd shrink. I have never really had any problems, the problem I am now having is playing back the DVDs. When the disc is playing for about 40 minutes to starts to break up and the sound goes. I am pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with the discs because there play ok on my lap-top, so am thinking that it must be my dvd player. Does anyone know what I should look for in a new dvd player to make sure this doesnt happen. I was wondering that as my DVD player is quite old, and therefore doesnt say that it plays dvd-r, if a new player which says that is does play these, maybe a dvd recorder, should play these with no problems.

Many Thanks for any help

Give a Philips DVP642 a try

Another vote for Philips. My DVD625 (pretty old!) plays whatever I throw at it, be it DVD- or +R.

Mine isn’t really picky about media quality either, I’ve fed it some horrendously cheap discs.

Of course, this is all assuming you do decide to buy a new player…your problem may be easily fixed without doing so!


Edit: My own Philips doesn’t mention -Rs either, but it plays them. :wink:

@ stella118,

Your problem appears to possibly be related to poor quality of the blank DVD media used to make the back up copy of the Commercial DVD Movie Title.

Just because your back up copy appears to play correctly in your laptop DVD device that most like was used to record the back up copy does not mean that was recorded properly and does not contains errors. Errors caused by the use of poor quality blank DVD media are the primary cause of the playback problems are experiencing.

Suggest running you suspect back up copy through Nero CD-DVD Speed ( ScanDisc surface scan and check for errors. A correctly recorded back up copy will not contain any errors. If Nero CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc surface scan reveals errors is most likely the cause of your playback problems. Most likely the use of poor quality blank DVD media was the cause of these errors.

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum ( to obtain information on quality DVD media.

In many circles Taiyo Yuden media is considered top of the line quality DVD Media. Rima.Com ( is a reliable source of Taiyo Yuden media.

Locally FujiFilm media is good reliable media. When purchasing FujiFilm media closely inspect the package and ensure that in states ‘Made In Japan’. FujiFilm media manufactured in another country other than ‘Made In Japan’ is considered unknown and should be avoided.

If you fully believe you need to purchase a new stand-alone desktop DVD player suggest visiting Video Help ( and research which DVD playback devices meets your needs.

Personally I use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs when making my back up copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles. Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD and give these program a try. The AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination is a proven quality product that is easy to use and produces excellent results.

Below is an AnyDVD-CloneDVD user tutorial that provides detail information on the use of these two programs.

Best Regards,

If your DVD player is old, it will play DVD- media. DVD+ media is the newer format so you may have incompatibility problems with your player with the DVD+.

If you do decide to buy a new player make sure you get one that can play as many formats as possible, this way whatever you insert should work.

I am in agreement with bjkg, I do believe the cause is your media. Follow his suggestions and you will be satisfied with your future burns.

Quality media is critical for good burns with longevity, using cheap media you may have a successful burn today that played well, but 6 months from now it’s a coaster. Why you ask, because all dyes used in the manufacturing process are not alike, some are sure to break down. I’ve read many horror stories about Memorex. As the man said, “you can pay me now, or pay me later”. Paying for the mistake of using cheap media may be very costly, especially to those that copy home movies to DVD. Your once in a lifetime scene may be lost forever.

Before you go and buy a new player I would first see if your burner is capable of bit setting. If it is, use the already mentioned suggestions of quality media and bit set +R media to DVD-Rom. I’ve not come accross a player that has yet to play these. I’m sure somewhere in the world there is one but I believe they’ll be far and few between. Just an FYI before you go and spend some doe.
P.S. Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Post your burners manufacturer and model and we can advise if bitsetting is possible.

It is a media issue. PC drives are more tolerable, than standalone players. So, please follow the advice of CDFreaks suggesting to change your media first and test it.

What concerns a new standalone. I would not choose Philips, but if it comes to this point, we can continue the discussion.