Buying a new dvd burner


My DVD is just suddenly won’t read ANY BURNED DVDs but still can read real DVDs so I need to buy a new one. However, I seem to be able to read the CDs/DVDs that I’ve burned long time ago. Any suggestion of what to buy that have a strong lenses? The one that I have now is Pioneer.

Thank you very much in advance

Strong lenses??? Who told you such BS?
Test your drive in another computer, it cannot be really defective if it still reads pressed DVDs.

Indeed the culprit can be the burned media you are not able to read. Most of low quality discs can become unreadable after a short time.

What discs are you using?

Are unreadable burned discs -R, and is drive a NEC? If so, see details on this common problem at

Nah, it’s a PIONEER DVD-109…So do you guys think, there is nothing wrong with the DVDs? It’s the Chip or DVD-R itself?

Say, if I do want to buy new one anyway, which brand would you recommend the best brand to burn/burned DVDs?

Thank you

For what I know the Pioneer 112 is an excellent drive :iagree:
Indeed is my next buy… when my wallet will stop to growl :frowning:

Do you think it’s better for me to get SATA rather than IDE? I know SATA is easier to install for someone likes me who doesn’t know much about computer :slight_smile: Like Pioneer DVD-212?

SATA drives can have compatibility problems related on the sata controller installed on your mainboard. I don’t know exactly which controllers are better for sata burners :frowning:

If you post here the mainboard model that you have, maybe someone will be able to say you if it is compatible with sata burners :slight_smile:

The Motherboard is P5N-E SLI ASUS

Hi :slight_smile:
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My mobo has the same chipset & has no problems with SATA DVDRWs.
If you can go for the Samsung SH-S203B.

Hi :slight_smile:
Looking around in another forum. I have discovered that you may have to update your mobo’s bios.
If so [B]go here:[/B]

Sorry, I have no idea of what to look there? Do you think I should update my motherboard then I can fix the problem?

The bios can be accessed immediately after booting the computer, before than Windows is loaded. If you don’t know what to do, it’s better to not mess-up with bios because it can make your mainboard not-working anymore.

Take a look here to read more about BIOS

Basically, updating BIOS is not too complicated, it only requires some attention :slight_smile:

You can find detailed instructions about the correct updating procedure on Asus website, and also in mainboard user manual

Hi :slight_smile:
You need to check the bios first,
Goto & download PCWizard. Install & run this. It will not only tell what bios but loads of other useful things.
It you just want bios version, you can see this when PC is booting.
Then go [B]here:[/B]
Tells you all you need to know about what you need & how to flash bios.
You can jump straight to the latest one.

Interesting software indeed :slight_smile:
I just found that it’s possible to run it also as portable, i.e. running it from any folder without installing it.

Take a look here

would this fixed the reading problem of the DVD though?

So, out of Samsung SH-S203B and Pioneer DVD112, which one is the best for burning lots and lots of DVDs as well as ripping a copyrighted DVDs? I need a really good one that last a long time :slight_smile:

Maybe also, I should get the SATA one as it will be much easier for me to set it up. I’m dumb about the Master/Slave. Can I ask also, people said that Lite-On is good for burning and reading bad DVDs? So I’m just thinking of buying one of these 3 DVDs…

You should buy them both because all burner are unique
They may suck at one thing and good at something else
The pioneer is quiet when burning media at highspeed
Read disc quite well but I am not satisfy with just one burner
so that’s why I buy 4 so far and will buy more in the future in my thirst to experiment with them