Buying a new cdrom-dvdrom



im gonna buy another dvdr om and cd rom cause i made the mistake last time and bougt one that didnt support reading audio sectors so ye was angry at that i dunno wann do same misatke
i found a page on clonecd site that displays all cdroms readers and theer capablitles
i cant find i anymore if any1 knows how to get there
or any1 knows another site liek that please tell me
thankyou very much


point , comma’s and proper grammer are total strangers i assume ?

anyhoo , you can find lots of info about the different cd writers in the different cdfreaks fora.

on the site of you can find all the info on clonecd.


was tired
no u didnt get me
i meant dvdroms or cdroms
NOT cd writers


by audio sectors , you mean that the reader is cabable of doing Digital Audio Extracting ?

an A-Open 52 speed is a good option for that one , though it tends to have reading troubles.

I have a Toshiba DVD-rom player here and it reads everything fine , the DAE is average on it.


is theer a site wheer it can tell me which cdroms dvd roms read audio and data subchannel
for example in clonecd how u choose sub channel data some cdroms and dvdroms dont read that now im goign to buy a cd rom that does support that but i dunno wat does i need like a site that tells me
any1 know one?


The Plextor40TS reads everything, but it’s a scsi.

PS. if you re-read your replies, do you still understand what you said? You won’t kill your keyboard when using the “,” “.” keys or capitals. They would make it a lot easier to us.


Besides the Ultraplex,there is hardly a drive that does all perfectly…the Ultraplex is expensive,but IMHO it’s the best cdrom available…
If you’re mainly interested to backup your protected audiocd’s,but not into SCSI,you can try Mitsumi FX5401W1A,this 1 can read Cactus Data Shield 200 and Key2Audio…


cool. do u guys know a site where it views all specs all the drives.
i dont want to spend too much money.
see im using full stops now :slight_smile:


Here you can find testing results for most drives
(and choose the fastest/cheapest)

I like your full stops :wink: