Buying a new CD-RW, your opinions please?

im seeking info on a good cd-rw to buy. id like your opinions on whats the best writer out there for defeating copy protections (so i can back up my games) and being able to play the games i back up. ive noticed that some cd roms will not play a backed up disk no matter what. the same disk will work in most other drives tho. ive heard alot of good things about the lite-on drives and plextor has allways been pretty good to me in the past. ive been away from the scene for quite awhile now and i was just wondering whats the new badboy burner on the market? and what models do i want to totally avoid at all costs.
what are your thoughts on this? any info is welcome.
thanks in advance

As you probably know by now, Liteon cannot be beat for price/performance.

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:slight_smile: 1. Look around here at
2. You will read LOTS of informations
3. Maybe you will get a lil bit confused - first
4. Don’t care about this
5. Slowly you will make automatically one or two brands your favorite
6. Check other tests and resources too
7. AND, finally don’t forget to buy ONE !!!

:bigsmile: just joking a lil bit - honestly i’ve bought me now a LDW-411S - HAPPY -----> up to now;)

i priced a lite-on cd-rw drive today at circuit city it was a 52x\32x\52x and was $19 after mail in rebate. the price is right but how does it handle reading and writing subchannel data and other such things for backing up protected programs? how does it handle safedisk and securerom protections? im looking for some of this kind of info to help me decide if i should purchace this one or not.

The Liteon 52327S (52x32x52) can read & write subchannel data. Liteon’s are also known to have a better write quality meaning less errors on the disc. People say that Liteons are a hit or miss with SD 2.9+ but I have a Liteon 52327S and it copies SD 2.9+ protected games just fine. When burning securom games you will have to use the Clonecd + Twinpeaks method. If you buy this drive make sure you update it to the current firmware.

I hope this helps you pick the right choice for you, good luck!:slight_smile: