Buying a new Cd-burner

:confused: Hi all…

I’m about to buy a new CDr drive, I had a HP9100 and a Creative 8x4x32x…

I was going to buy another creative drive, since my last one is still working… and pretty good by the way, but I heard bad things about them.

and while looking around I heard about the liteon’s and I really got interested about it… so if any of can tell me if that’s a good buy and what advantanges I might get if I buy a liteon drive…

by the way… where I can get the FAQ that OC-Freak wrote?

See ya

-game backup ability
-pretty good program support (maybe not as good as plextor thoug)
-good speed
-good media compatibility

-support (beside support from us at this forum that is :p)
-can’t backup protected audio
-writes a lot of discs at higher speeds than what the discs should have been written at. In other words smartburn do not limit the speed enough.

FAQ? What about checking the collection of sticky threads in this forum :wink:

Thanks Man!

I kind of find interesting getting a liteon… but I’ll review some of the other threads and FAQ!

Purchase you the LG GCE 8320B or the LG GCE 8400B those are great.

Can copie SD2.51, Audiocopylock and very more.

Two very good CD-Burner.

I’d wait another weeks. There should be some reviews of the Yamaha CRW-F1 this week and it should be in stores next week or the following.

Very polite thread, this. Thought only English was allowed :slight_smile:

BTW, you might also try the TEAC CDW540E.

JackiRipper2000 said those LG burners were Pretty good, but how do they work with the most common burning software…

I had an experience with this LG burner, don’t what the model was, all I know is that it writes at 32x, but does not work with Nero. And I don’t know what you guys think but for me not having Nero nor Clone Cd it’s kind of anoying…

do you know why is that or is just this particular burner…

I don’t want to talk bad things about my country, but it’s well known we sometimes get crappy stuff from abroad.!!! not always but we have to be careful…

See ya!

My LG Burner work great with Nero , Clone CD , CDex 1.40, MovieJack usw.
I have NO problems with this Burner.

I am trying to decided between these 2 drives:
LiteOn LTR-40125S
LG GCE-8320B

What I have worked out so far:

They can both be OC’ed (LiteOn 40->48; LG 32->40 )

Both (once OC’ed) use P-CAV. (which I’d prefer for making audio CD’s)

The LiteOn has 2MB buffer and Mt.Rainier support

The LG has 8MB buffer and (maybe) Mt.Rainier support? See refs:
LG-Australia Website: 32x CD Rewriteable Recorder - GCE-8320B
Scorpion Technology - Online Computer Store (Australia)

The LiteOn is faster in all respects, but costs a bit more.

The LG is cheaper and (aparently) better at ripping CD Audio:
Exact Audio Copy Forum - RESULTS: Most accurate DAE ripper drive

To quote some of the statements made by Halcyon in the EAC forum thread above:

…Sony DDU1621 and LG GCE-8320B passed all tests. All others failed at least once …

Plextor UltraPlex 40 is NOT a very accurate DAE ripper under scratched conditions, when compared to the current best out there (Sony DDU1621 or LG GCE-8320B)

…from a practical point of view of rip speed and rip quality, those two drives LG and Sony are the only ones that produce consistently the same CRCS from one rip to another while others get different CRCS for even the same track on two different rips. …The other drives tested (including LiteOn and Plextor models) did NOT pass this test for accuracy (CRC, consistency, audible accuracy) or rip speed when it comes down to scratched discs.

And another thread (Hydrogen Audio) has shaken my confidence in the ripping ability of the LiteOn burners:
Project Mayhem (Hydrogen Audio) - best drive for ripping?
I saw this statement from Halcyon:

…Well, I’m sorry to say, but in terms of accuracy LiteOn does not shine. I wish it did, as it’s a wickedly fast ripper.

Doh! I was almost sold on the LiteOn drives after the reviews here and at CDRLabs. Now I don’t know which way to go.

Can anyone help clear things up for me? Experiences with either/both drives?

Would it be worth getting say the LTD-163D just for ripping? -Does this drive have any major advantages for ripping? (eg better with baddly scratched or protected disks than LTR-40125???)



p.s. does an 8MB buffer (rather than only 2MB) mean the LG can be more reliable for burns? thanks.

Would it be worth getting say the LTD-163D just for ripping?

LiteOns DVD-ROM drives can’t rip protected audio cds either. If you need this feature, buy a plextor.

.s. does an 8MB buffer (rather than only 2MB) mean the LG can be more reliable for burns? thanks.

If your system works properly: No
If your system is badly configurated: You will get less buffer underruns.
I scanned several cds, written with a plextor. Only 1 had a peak in c1-errors at a point where an increase of speed took place.


how does your LiteOn handle DAE for scratched disks? (and for that matter do you use it for ripping in general or one of the DVD drives instead?)

Which do you find more reliable/better for ripping? The burner or the DVD’s?

fyi: I need a CDRW drive, but also want something that is very reliable for DAE. I understand that the Plexy’s are the best, but I can’t afford one. (They are about 3 times the price of a LiteOn)

I am not too concerned about protected audio CDs (I am not sure if they exist here in Australia) but a drive that handles scratched CDs well woould be great.

I was thinking that if the LiteOn DVD handles DAE better (or scatched/problem disks, or just more reliably) then it would still be considerably cheaper to get the LTR-40125S for burning + LTD-163D for ripping than a single Plextor!

what do you think?



As you can see in my signature, i have a toshiba dvd-rom and liteon 40x writer, but not a liteon dvd-rom.

I didn’t test reading of badly scratched disc, because I do not scratch my discs. So I can only say that it works well with discs that are in a good condition…

sorry, I actually meant your DVD ROM.

I was just curious in general (ie your opinion of burner vs DVD for DAE) if you used your burner (LiteOn) or your DVD (Toshiba) for ripping.

I didn’t test reading of badly scratched disc, because I do not scratch my discs. So I can only say that it works well with discs that are in a good condition…

sorry, which works well? the burner or the dvd? (sorry if I am being slow:confused: )

The only DVD drives that seem to be available here are the LiteOn, Pioneer, Sony and Panasonic. -and of these I have read more good reports about the LiteOn than the others. -although I’d apreciate your opinion on this.

thanks again for your input.


sorry, I actually meant your DVD ROM.

It’s slow at reading CD-DA, but note that it is the 1502, not the newer 1612.
So I usually use the LiteOn for reading.

For DAE I recommend TEAC. (so does liteon in the manual)
I use an 8X Teac for Audio and The 24102b for data.