Buying a NEC-3500, which brand media to get!

After reading a lot of reviews i’v decided that the NEC 3500 is the best drive for me, however now I’m confused on which media to buy!.

I have seen these sony DVD+R’s at a pretty good price and I was wondering what you guys thought, my impression of sony is pretty good, they generally do make good products but as i’m new to DVD burning I would appreciate your opinions :).

Speed is not at all an issue for me, I usually burn my disks overnight or over lunch, mainly I would say is reliability and longevity.

I was just about to buy the sonys but thought better ask you guys first!, I’ll be buying the drive and DVD’s later on today so any posts before that greatly appreciated :D.

Thanks again!

If it is for backing up DVDs to play in a stand alone player then you need to make sure that it will recognise + media.

I have found riteks GO4 and GO5 based dyes to be good and very compatable, Verbatim gets good comments made too, though I personally can’t comment on them as I have only just bought a few to try and the ones I can get are made in Tiwan and it is those made in Japan or China which are the better ones.

Simplest way is to get some samples, some places do sel lsample packs and try them. If not then 10 pack spindles are quite cheep to try.

Thanks for the reply.
Nope I’m not worried about compatability with DVD players, as long as it works on my PC its fine :).
a friend told me

Sony DVD+/-R discs are made by Mitsubishi Chemicals, which is the #2 vendor in terms of quality
, not sure how much truth there is to this but sounded good!, I’ll wait for a few more replies before buying it.

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I have two 3500’s and within my system they seem to prefer the Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell 8x -R medias-


Thanks, I’ll probably go for these verbatims:
just trying to find out where they were manafacturerd and if they are “good”.