Buying a DVD writer...!



Hi all,
I’m planning to buy my first DVD writer in a week or so. I already have a Sony Combo, so I’ll be using this exclusively for writing DVDs. Can you suggest me the best model for my requirement??
I’m from India, and in my town I have options of only a LiteOn or Sony or Benq or LG or Samsung… No Pioneer or Plextor or Asus or Philips or whatever else. So I would like to get something among these. :slight_smile:
I do NOT need Lightscribe.
I DON’T know about DVD RAM - can someone explain this, or give a link… Is it needed?
Should I go in for the fastest, like 20x or 18x? Can these speeds be increased through firmware upgrades?
Currently, I’m looking at LiteOn Super AllWrite 165P6S or a BenQ 1655. The stores here also have a BenQ 1640 or 1650…and a Sony DRU830A, which many of them are trying to force on me, saying that its the best… :smiley:
Have a nice day…!!


DVD-RAM is like an external hard drive. It is a rewritable DVD which you can use for “packet writing”, it is intended for archival usage.

LiteOn is usually = Sony.
The BenQ is an old hat.

I would recommend you getting the LiteOn if you want disc quality scanning. If you want good burn quality and don’t need disc quality scanning then go for LG.


So do you think the Liteon 165p6s is a good choice…?? What about the Sony DRU 830A…? Which would you suggest between these two?



I would suggest you do some reading before deciding on a DVD writer. The best one for you will depend on a few factors:

[li]Types of media you will be using with it, +R/-R/RW/DL,etc
[/li][li]Wether you prefer best burn quality or faster burn speed
[/li][li]The ability to scan (useful for a few reasons)
[/li][li]Read capabilities

As you are based in India, this thread maybe of interest to you:

Also, it maybe worthwhile to PM [B]Bhairav[/B] and ask him to post his reccomendations in this thread as he is from Mumbia.

The best drive for you will primarily be dependant on what media you can use with it and India seems to have lesser availability of the media generally preferred by users in S.E Asia/EU/NA.


The Sony DRU-830A is a rebadged Samsung SH-S182D. It is a decent drive for most people here. I would go with the BenQ 1655. I have this drive and the Liteon as well and I find that the BenQ is a more consistent burner.


Thanks guys… Will PM Bhairav and then decide…!! :slight_smile:


i had tried samsung w/lightscribe and so far so good here


^Agree with chas. Get the Benq 1650, 1655 if you need LightScribe, or the LG H10/12 if available.
Which city are you in?


Sorry for the late reply… I’m in Pondicherry…!!


^Any chance of going down to Chennai then? Take a look around, and look at the drives chas recommended.