Buying a DVD Writer - Pioneer DVR-111D? Benq DW1650? LiteOn SHM-165P6S? LG GSA-H10A?


I’m looking for a new DVD writer now as my Samsung (TS-H542) seems to have broken down finally.
This is the last time I buy a samsung product, they just keep breaking down after a year, I’ve never had one hit 2 years fully functional with no problems.

Basically I have limited options, these are the drives that are easily available to me that seem to be good quality:

[li]Pioneer DVR-111D
[/li][li]Benq DW1650
[/li][li]LiteOn SHM-165P6S
[/li][li]LG GSA-H10A

I basically want something that will write & read Generic CD-R/DVD-R/DVD+R media (the type that has no name or isn’t a brand name) and for occasionally watching movie DVDs.
Quality burning is more important than speed though I would like to have excellent quality at 8x speed with DVD-Rs.
I might like to play around with DVD+R discs some time in the future. So that is probably a factor.
I will mainly be using the discs for Data backup (DVD-R) and for some of my work (CD-R). Written work, photo work, video work, and audio work. Sometimes I will make backups of all of these on the same disc.
I’d like fast access times and good read speeds as well since this Samsung of mine took up to 30 seconds to recognise a disc in the drive and then it would read very slowly which was extremely annoying.
Finally I don’t really want to flash the writer with modified firmware. I do want to flash with supported firmware though.

Hope all that helps when figuring out the best drive for my situation.


PS: I’m leaning towards the Pioneer DVR-111D

I think the BenQ 1650 and Pioneer DVR-111D are both good drives.
The BenQ is more fun, scanning, bitsetting, etc., so the BenQ 1650 is my favorite.

And most important is the Solidburn function of the BenQ, it could help you to get a good burn on generic media.


I’ve narrowed it down to the Pioneer DVR-111D and the BenQ DW1650. The reviews of both seem about equal depending on where you go online there’s a leaning of one drive to the other so I guess either option is a good choice.
I should mention in terms of speed I would like 16x Read Speed. I’ll most likely be burning at 8x or preferably 12x DVD-R and perhaps DVD+R media.
Good firmware support is a must as well. I’m not sure how that is with these two drives though it seems the Pioneer gets regular firmware upgrades that’s why i’m leaning towards it. I want a drive that is not only good now but will still be good in 2 years.


also read this thread, as nearly the same question was asked:


this is the 1st link on google for “dvr-111d or dw1650” so might as well mention this here too (there’s a huge thread at on the same thing)…

The BenQ DW1650 supports DVD+R overburning (some people have had it up to 4650 Mb, 4600 works fine most of the time, though note any overburns under 4493 will fail).

The Pioneer 111D DOES NOT support DVD overburning at all, even with the 111L firmware (please correct me if i’m wrong, but there’s no info anywhere to say it does).

So i’m getting the benq.

I’m in a similar position of chosing between DVR-111D and DW-1650 and I’m more leaning on DVR-111D over DW-1650 but just find out from HERE that DVR-111D does not support write on DVD-RAM. Could some experts here please confirm this ? Thanks.

Correct, thats the difference between 111 and 111D. But you can add RAM writing to a D model with TDB firmware, also bitsetting and labelflash.

Why didn’t they make 111 RAM writable at the first place ? Does anyone know where to purchase 111 or 111D with a good price in Sydney ? Thanks

Because every market/area wants another featured drive with or without extras, that is the whole reason…

Besides, the 111 comes with DVD-RAM write enabled, always.

MSY sells them for about $48-51, depending on colour.


I’m not shure wich model to choose too: Philips PBDV1660G or Pioneer 111D, can you help me to decide? :frowning:

And what is the difference between Philips PBDV1660G and DVDR1660K?

Thank You in Advance

K is the retail version.