Buying a DVD recorder without a remote? Can I reprogramme my old remote for a new recorder?



Hi Folks :slight_smile:

I’m in the game to buy a new DVD recorder after my old Vistron bit the dust for some reason (Refused to power on) much to my annoyance how much I needed and loved that DVD recorder :rolleyes:

I’ve seen a few on eBay, and I had a question to ask. Many of the DVD recorders don’t have remotes with them, which is a deal breaker in my opinion. So it seems a little pointless to buy a DVD recorder and then not be able to use it because the essential features are on the remote.

The features I’m talking about are being able to finalise or adjust the recording speed on the disc - Commonly a feature that, bizarrely enough, is not on the front panel of the recorder. Surely if this feature was so needed, they would put it on the front panel for convience? :confused:

Anyway, I’ve kept my old remote and I had two questions for you. Is there any chance I could try and reprogramme my old Vistron remote to work with a new DVD recorder (Let’s say, a Funai or a Samsung) so I can access those essential features?

Though I seem to hear a lot about Universal remotes, they only access the basic… Needs of a DVD recorder, so if I got it to work at all they won’t be able to finalise the disc because that feature isn’t available. :eek:

Should I buy a DVD recorder without a remote… What option do I have to be able to adjust the settings on the recorder and be able to finalise it? I know my old Vistron had to rather fiddely go into the menu to finalise… I haven’t stated the recorder I want yet because, to be honest, I’m not sure what I want.

(By the way - The remote is from an Vistron DHR-5006)


Your old remote is presumably a dedicated remote for that particular device so unfortunately it’s probably useless now.

Some of the universal remotes you can buy are fully programmable which means you can set up any of the keys with whatever function you want.

It’s strange in my mind though to buy something without a remote control provided these days and I wonder if it’s worth the extra hassle and indeed the extra cost of a programmable remote.

Most people are going for hard disk recorders with built in Freeview or Freeview HD these days as they’re attracted by the greater functionality.

If you really want to go down the other route though One for All do a range of programmable remotes and Argos have a good selection of them.

Personally speaking though I think you’d find it a lot easier if you bought a product that includes a remote control.



That’s exactly what I was thinking, Wombler. As a side note; my mum insists on buying one brand new from Argos and the likes, so looks like I’ll be buying a new one :rollseyes:

That said; if I was to get one w/o a remote, how much of a P.I.A. would it be to get the neccessary features?


[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2608767]That said; if I was to get one w/o a remote, how much of a P.I.A. would it be to get the neccessary features?[/QUOTE]

That’s pretty much open ended I’m afraid as it depends on a number of things.

Such as what make it is and what device codes the remote supports by default.

At best it’ll have a specific device code for the equipment you buy and everything will be set up very easily just by selecting a single device code.

Alternatively you might find a certain device code sets up the majority of the controls but certain individual function codes need to be set up manually.

And worst case scenario, you have to program every single button.

As far as the make goes some manufacturers provide lists of function codes themselves, some are available elsewhere online and others are pretty much unobtainable.

If they’re unobtainable you might find yourself having to test individual function codes at random until you find the ones you need.

Fully programmable remotes will be more expensive than basic universal remotes so you’ll have to factor that in when you’re working out how much you’re saving by not getting an original remote.



Part of the problem is even with a programable universal remote. Most of these work with a “Learning function” that needs the original remote for the learning .
There is a work around for this but it requires two programable remotes & at least one of those has to be able to “Send” user added IR input codes.
You do the code from the sending remote to a “Macro” function key. Then you “Learn” that “Macro” key to a “Learn” key of the sending remote . This turns it into a “one” flash code. If left as a Macro" multi code you have to leave the remote pointed at the device until all the flashes have completed.
I’ve played around with universals quite a bit.
I have two of these & for the price I don’t think you can find better.


If you can get any of the Logitech remotes where you are at they setup online and have HUGE databases of known remote codes for just about every unit made. They also can learn from the original remote if you have it to fill in any missing commands.
I just got a brand new to the market media player so I had to program every button it uses into my 880 and now the codes should be available to anyone else that gets that particular player so they wont have to manually program in every one again.
If the players you find are common the codes should already be in their database and the remotes, at least the better ones, have buttons for just about anything you’d use on it.
Mine has a screen that is color I can add extra buttons to that aren’t on the rest of the remote and I’m pretty sure they have simpler, cheaper, versions that have a screen too, just not color and all that.


That’s a very good remote Dartman and useful info there too. :iagree:

I suspect most fully programmable remotes would push the total price up too high for what Chad wants though.

Having said that, if he’d like a really good remote those Harmony ones are a great option.



@Dartman . Can the Logitech send out user input remote codes ?
By this I mean I can pust the “Set” button on the remote I posted the link to followed by a number code 00010 for example which is the Tech menu for my Magnavox DVD recorders . This code isn’t even on the Magnavox remote that came with the recorder.
Only some remotes can do this.
It also has a JP1.2 terminal which is supposed to allow additional new codes to be input . Unfortunately there is no support for this.
@ Wombler the one I have is $21.99 from Amazon so not too pricey.
My MX600 URC is a different story


They do make simpler versions that still program the same way, just less buttons, no screen, no rechargeable battery etc.
I think I paid less then 100 shipped many years ago when I got mine and now it’s not their top dog so it’s cheaper but still probably more then Chad wants to spend.
The more basic version are way cheaper and at least here in the states a version always seems to be on sale at a great price so he might want to do some searching and see what he finds. Heres a quick yahoo price search page he can look over that has local to me prices and versions


I’m not sure about the service codes as I’ve never searched for them but it’s possible they can do it if the service remotes or codes have been uploaded by somebody. Other makers make remotes that do what the Logitech can too, some for a LOT more money and which are much harder for a normal user to program. Cholla the remote you posted may be perfect for Chad, cheap, simple to setup, and lots of extra buttons so it should have everything he needs without spending more on the remote then a cheap used recorder:eek:
Since I’ve gotten my 880 I’ve been spoiled and I had to get one for my old Mom and Step Dad has they were always calling trying to figure out what buttons to push to make something happen on their A/V setup. Since we gave them a 880 the support calls have all but stopped, especially once I explained how the help button works for when something doesn’t happen like it should.
Every so often they get some new gear and I, or my lil sister, have to go over there and get online and reprogram it and that’s about it now:clap:


Dartman . I did look at the Logitech site & they do make it easy for adding the codes for buttons with a computer connection.
The codes I’ve found were done by using the remote & just putting them in while I pointed the remote at whatever device I wanted to find additional controls for. This is useful if the original remote doesn’t have buttons for all the features the device actually has.
The one that the Magnavox units lack (even different models) I have are previous channel . I have searched enough to believe the chip in these devices doesn’t have a code for this. They are really Funai for the most part.


I think your right. I do have a Philips 3575 recorder and I don’t think it has a channel recall button and the 880 doesn’t either but I HAVE seen features like that work on a few other devices so I think every code they think might work gets loaded in then you can try and prune out the non working ones. You can go to AVS forums if you or anyone else needs in depth info on any recorder ,TV, remote, etc but I bet you already know that and are there as well.