Buying a dvd recorder.. some DVD+RW recommendations please

I plan on getting a basic Lite On dvd recorder and I would appreciate some recommedations on RW media. Something comparable to the cmc mag ae quality for dvd+r…decent quality but inexpensive.



Hello Karelj,

I have always used Verbatim 4 x DVD+RW media with my BENQ 1620 and EW164B drives with good results. I have also used Memorex branded PHILIPS041 but these do not seem to “re-write” wth consistent quality and can often fail after 10 or so cycles. The Verbatim media seems good and is generally available in most countries.

Have fun…


I’ve used HP and Imation branded PHILIPS041 without problems in a LVW-5005.

I have had my best dvd+rw burns with Philips 041 and Ricohjpn W11. I also get good enough burns with Daxon D42 media, although it isnt very widely supported.

I have also used Optodisc, CMC, Ritek and MKM (mitsubishi, Verbatim) dvd+rw but have never had very good results with any of them. Although i havn’t used MKM media since i used it on my BTC drive and we all know how bad BTC drives are.