Buying a DVD Burner



I am buying my first DVD Burner and am very limited on cash to spend on one as many are I am sure. There is a store near me that offers a Lite On SHW-160P6S10C 16xDVDRW and I am wondering if it is a good burner. I will mainly just be burning MPEG movie files to watch on my TV and want something reliable. The price of this drive is $55 at the store, I have seen it on-line for less but by the time shipping is paid and sales tax the difference is very small so would like some feedback on this burner please.



I can’t tell you about that one but I bought a memorex dvd16x that I am happy with. The best part of it was it came with Nero 6 which I is easy for a noob like me to use.


Yes I have one and it ROCKS, I been very happy with it :slight_smile:


i bought one and won’t play some original movies may just need firmware upgrade can’t find any info yet.


Well I bought one and have been extremely pleased with it. Has ran flawlessly so far. Burns great, hasnt rejected a single burn yet so for what I need it has been great and was inexpensive also. Thanks for all the replies its much appreciated!