Buying a dvd burner soon, opinions\advice needed

Ive never bought a dvd burner before and dont have too much expirience with them. Ive kinda been holding out for cheaper\better ones (been waiting for the features to max out) but I just can’t wait anymore.

I’d like to keep the purchase under $100 and have a decent amount of functionality. I’m not afraid of firmware hacking (ive softmoded my radeon 9500 and performed various other hacks on my comp hardware) but I dont like the possiblity of failure. IE I dont like the idea of getting stuck with a NEC 2500A with a diff chipset and being unable to use 2510A firmware with it. If someone could help me out with the general details\possibilities on that issue I would greatly apprecieate it.

I was thinking either a NEC 2500A\2510A(<-or whatever the slightly better model is) or a Lite-On as Ive heard good things about both. I just got done reading a slew of reviews on several drives and am leaning towards the NEC as I remember it having good results even with cheaper media in many of the burns.

I will generally try to use at least medium quality media when burning but would like my burner to do the best with low quality media as well.

Burn times are not a main concern, however I would like to have the drive support good speeds (IE 8X or higher would be nice). Also I would like dual layer burning support at least for when the media gets cheaper before I buy another drive (Which I will probably do when dvd drives have gone about as far as they will).

O crap I forgot to add:

I will also be doing some dvd ripping with the drive, I havea a pioneer dvd-106 drive (I think thats the one, the older dvd-rom drives) but its a bit messed up and I would prefer to use a newer high quality drive for my dvd rips.

I used to believe DVD-R was the best but then read the bitsetting artivcle and like the idea of using DVD+R to fool drives into thinking the disc is pressed.

Also could someone help me out with some media recomendations? I’d like to pay $.50 or so a disc and buy a nice 100 pack to start off with, whats the best\cheapest place to buy? which media to buy?

One LAST thing, I REALLY like the idea of having discs that look pressed, that would mean I would want “diamond” media right? Does anyone have a preference\recomendation for that type?

Awww come on! Someones gotta have SOMETHING to say!


I’m sure you can find a proper one.

Wow. It took you 16 years to reply.

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I’ve been holding my breath this whole time too. Thanks a lot guys now I have the bends.

I should probably write about my time in the burning community to give some closure. How I ended up owning multiple burners and swapping firmwares, how I almost never ended up using most of the DVD’s I burned either movies or even backups, eventually upgrading to the luxury of bulk hard drive storage where I’ve been ever since.

Maybe in another 16 years I’ll write that post.

Similar story here too.

Most dvd or bluray isos I copied, ended up being unwatched. Most movies I usually end up only watching once or twice, either by the original dvd/bluray disc or watching the movie on a saturday afternoon/evening movie on a cable or network tv channel. Too many lousy movies, which aren’t even worth buyng the dvd or bluray for $2 or $5 a pop.

No point in ripping tons of dvds/blurays which only end up being watched once or twice (or never). Even less point in burning copies of movies/tv shows. Nowadays it is easier to just watch something on youtube or a streaming service (such as netflix).

Every now and again I get the urge to watch a show again, and it isn’t available online, or perhaps, I just don’t subscribe to the service that has the rights.

So my copies do come in handy for those times. I’ll admit, it doesn’t happen every week, but more often than once every 16 yrs. :slight_smile: