Buying a DVD Burner, should I keep/get a new CDRW?

Hi guys,

I’m going to buy a DVD burner very soon, at the same time, my 1 year and a half LiteOn 52327S seems to be slowly dying, and thus the creation of this thread.

From what I’ve read, DVD burners now days still do not feature CDr writing speeds as fast as eg my 52327S. As I do a lot of CD burning and will still do so after I get a DVD burner, I’m considering getting a new CDRW/COMBO drive when I get the DVD burner, most likely one from LiteOn.

My questions are, do you guys think it is worth it to get another CDRW solely for the purpose of CD burning? (mainly because DVDRW don’t seem to have as good CD writing quality from what I’ve read)

Second, I would most likely go with a COMBO drive seeing the price difference isn’t that much at my local store, any recommendations?

I’ve also got a LiteOn DVD-ROM which serves me fine, only sometimes lags a bit when I try to rip my CDs…When I get the DVDRW, I plan on doing all CD ripping, burning on the CDRW, and obviously DVD burning on the DVDRW, and if I need to copy DVDs I’ll use the DVD-ROM I have - does that sound like a good set-up?

And lastly, if I go with the above combination, I’ll just have the two DVD"s on second IDE channel, burner being master, and the COMBO drive on slave in first channel. Is that the best way to set it up?

Thanks a lot for reading my post guys and any comments is much appreciated!

P.S. I just saw this message on the top right hand corner Welcome, SoniCruiser. You last visited: 22-06-2003 where has the time gone to? :eek:

Depends on the burner you buy, but I think you have this figured out in detail! Nice job. Make your new burner the master and your DVD rom the slave. Most new model DVD burners are UMDA4 and need to be the master on many MOBOs. Got a Dell dude?

PS/ where is you 6/location. If you are in the US get one of those 4th of July specials with free ship.

SoniCruiser, I put combo drives in with my dvd burners and could not be happier. I don’t think you really need to keep the dvd-rom though, you can rip and everything with the combo drive. Both the two I have work well, Liteon 5232K and Artec 52C16.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your replies!!!

Actually, now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I should have my COMBO on as the slave with the DVD Burner, and the DVD-ROM can go slave with my IDE HDD!

The 4th of July does not apply to me unfortunately! Nevertheless, I don’t think the 110 would be out by then…me hoping it comes out tomorrow :wink:

By the way, the COMBO drive’s I’ve got in mind is the LiteOn 5236K/V, I think they are identical except V’s newer or something. I’d think that it’ll perform as well as your 5232K, ccbadd, as the sepcs seem identical, but the buffer size on the 52326K/V is stated as max of 1.5M, would that affect burn quality?

Thanks guys!