Buying a DVD Burner Help me choose!

I have decided to purchase a DVD Burner. After much research i have narrowed the field to 4 models. My primary goal is to back-up my personal DVD collection consisting of over 2500 DVD titles to protect the originals from damage (ie scratches etc). I will be purchasing the DVD X Copy Platnium by 3-2-1- Studios from the link on this site to promote your continued free access.

The 4 models i have to choose from are:

Plextor PX-708A
Sony DRU-510A
Memorex 32023235

Any input that is constructive and helpful is greatly appreciated.


Gregory A. Maier
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Intel D865PERLK
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Asus 16X DVD-Rom
Lite-on 52X24X52X CDRW
Iomega Zip250
MSI Master TV@nywhere
4 X Maxtor 120Gig HDD
(lots more…)

Of those four I would get the Plextor.

Also, though your thought of buying through the link is a nice one, you really should look into a couple of free programs that are available. DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink.

You’ll have to have a good burning program if you use DVDShrink, but if you buy the retail version of the drive, you will get some software with it. I use DVDShrink 3.05 Beta most of the time, combined with Nero 5.5 and have great results. The quality offered by this combination is equal or better than any other transcoder.

DVDDecrypter I keep around for those rare instances where DVDShrink can’t decrypt the movie files to the hard drive.

One piece of advice on media—get the very best available. You can find Taiyo Yuden -R blank disks online. has them, among others. Finding high quality +R disks is proving to be a tougher challenge. The Ritek G04 disks have a good reputation, though I haven’t tried them myself. I’ve been using Verbatim +R disks out of Singapore, made by Mitsubishi Chemicals.