Buying a DVD burner for a friend

Hey all, I’m going to be buying a DVD burner for a friend and I’d like some advice on which one to pick, I figured I’d come to the experts. :bow: (Shameless flattery alert!)

She currently has a Samsung SH-S233C but when she got it she was dissapointed that she can’t upgrade the firmware to make it region free or to remove the riplock, so I’d like to get her one that can be upgraded to remove these (or if possible doesn’t have these “features” to begin with)

She uses her optical drive mostly for projects related to creating music and ripping her DVD collection, also she plays games and would need it for that as well.

I’d like to get one that’s at least equivalent to the one she has with the ability to upgrade to remove these impediments and not break the bank. (looking for somewhere in the $30 range if possible) Also if you choose recommend one that needs a firmware upgrade could you also link me to where I can download the upgrade? I’d like to include the drive and the firmware software in the gift all at the same time.

Any help in this area would be much appreciated. :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A nice drive is Nec/Optiarc 7240, but in these days is becoming hard to find, so you can get the subsequent model, the 7260.

For what I know there is no riplock in these drives, so there is no need to install a modded firmware :slight_smile: