Buying a Drive in 3 hours, any input?

I know that this is not the Hardware forum but I am planning on using CloneDVD so that is why I asked here. I am planning on being a drive in about 3 hours, I have to get it from Compusa as I have $300 in CompUSA giftcards that I need to spend. Anyways my guestion is what drive should I get that CompUSA sells? I am hoping for a Dual Format drive, I know the Sony Dual is really good and I might get that but I am not sure if they carry it. Anyways any input is appreciated, I really do not care to much if it is a 1X or a 2X or a 4X as long as it is a good drive. If i end up not getting the dual, should I go for the DVD-R because of the cheaper media? I am going to use the drive to backup Movies and make my own DVDs from home videos and stuff like that. THanks

Well you should consider one great advantage of a Dual drive, you can use the media that is cheapest for the moment (or rather the less overpriced media).
Most people agree that + will win the battle, but it will take time before we have one standard.

About the speed: 1x on DVD is a looooong time, remember that :slight_smile:
Sony and NEC’s dual writers are the most popular at the moment, with NEC having the more attractive price (from what I’ve heard).

Dual format is fine but my two Sony DRu’s at work keep falling over - dunno why, but reflashing them gets 'em back on line :eek:

The best writers I’ve used are the NEC 1100, Ricoh MP5125A and the AOpen USB 2.0 external :bigsmile:

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Dual format is fine but my two Sony DRu’s at work keep falling over - dunno why, but reflashing them gets 'em back on line :eek:

Eh? :confused:
They stop working regurarly?

NEC 1100A ($155, free s/h @ newegg) is not dual format, but it’s a quality writer that produces excellent backups, paired w/ quality apps of course. Remember DVD media are expensive, DVD-R or not. If you blow it all on a Sony, you’ll be digging into your own pocket for media.

Hmmm… I wonder if CompUSA sells cheap DVD media.

Well I ended up with the Pioneer 4X DVD-R Drive. It was the only one that I could really afford. I am trying to backup my First DVD movie right now, Just ripped it with DVD Decrypt and is now trying to convert and burn it with CloneCD. BTW, Ollie, GREAT PROGRAM dude, really easy to use and kinda fun to figure out if i want menus and subtitles.

Great news!

Become an expert and write us a Tutorial :cool:

what do you need a tutorial on? I have LOTS of time on my hands and have been working with computers for a long time.

Anyways, I have my 4X burner, and my media says 1X, can I make the burner burn faster at like 2X or something, cause 65Mins really sucks. Anways thanks.

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what do you need a tutorial on?

Burning faster than the media says it can is up to the burning app controlling the writer.

If you’re burning @ 1X, that means you bought some cheap ass media. When burning DVD, it’s the media that determines the speed, not the writer.

K, well I will start playing around with CloneDVD and start writing the Tutorial.

About the Media it is ComUSA brand is was $70 for 50Pack, so yes it was very cheap. Where is the best place to order dvd-r media from?

I have an A05, and am very pleased with it. You’ll need hacked firmware to burn at higher-than-rated speeds, read about it at:
Mine plays well with a variety of cheaper media, including Ritek and several ‘unbranded’–but I can’t vouch for whatever Comp is selling… Online purchases are usually best, from Rima or allmediaoutlet, and their ilk.
And yes, you have to use burning software that’ll allow it (I rather like Copy2DVD…).

Thanks bro, I will look into that today. I was thinking about it and it is really not that big of deal. I can wait about 2 hours to backup a movie, that is not to bad. Anyways I will look into the Hacked Firmware and see what I can do about that. Also thanks for the info on the media, I checked out the links that cdfreaks had under mediadeals and noticed a lot of cheaper prices already.

“Pissed on a BSA building in 2001.”
So YOU’RE the one!!

I use/like the 12xRip4xAll–1.40…
And for cheaper media at 2X I set output for 4462 rather than 4472.
Good luck–I think you’ll enjoy the burner (a workhorse). And dvd-r seems very compatible with virtually all players…

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“Pissed on a BSA building in 2001.”
So YOU’RE the one!!

Thanks, There is one right next to my house, about 1/2 mile away, so if they start doing stupid shit again I am going to hang a bunch of MS software on their windows and stuff like that, really get them going.

Edit: Going to try the 2XAll tonight, I have cheap CompUSA brand DVD-Rs. One last guestion, will this FORCE ALL burns to go at 2X? or will I need software support to select what speed i want to go at?? Thanks

It basically fools the drive into ‘thinking’ it has a 4x disk, so built-in user-protection regards media speed/quality don’t work–and a default media writing strategy is employed.
Just set your burning software of choice to 2X and go…
but don’t expect 4X from 1X media, and check your output for quality on at least a couple burns from each 50/100 pack of 1X-media, or you may get a very unpleasant surprise someday. This is a BuyerBeware…StupidBurningTrick…
For real quality, burn Ritek or better at rated speeds. I sincerely hope to see 4X and good media come down in price as more manufacturing lines are devoted to such (especially now that so many burners have hit the streets, and more and more great programs like Clone/DVDD become available/common-knowledge).