Buying a digital camera overseas?

Heya, first, if this is in the wrong place I apologize!

My Dad is going over to America in two days, we live in Australia, and he wants to buy a digital camera over there, thinking it will be cheaper than here.

At the risk of sounding completely stupid, my question is will the camera work the same back home, in relation to NTSC and PAL and the video setting on the camera. If I’m to put videos on a disk for the standalone DVD player, will they play properly?
And if not, do most cameras have a setting that you can change from PAL to NTSC or would I have to convert all videos to PAL somehow?

I would be more worried about potential warranty issues. Can he return it for replacement or repair in Australia having bought it in the USA?

I’m not worried about warranty issues. If there comes a time within the warranty time frame of a year or two when the camera might need to be fixed or replaced, I’ll worry about that then. We don’t plan on spending more than $200 on one anyway, so it’s not that much trouble.

Yes, the video settings can be changed.

Yes, he will save a few bucks…but hardly a lot…depends what the camera is and how much. Maybe 10%

Does he/do you…know which camera you want? Just do some price checks online before he goes to make sure he gets the right camera at a decent price