Buying a 4570 - or worth the wait for 4571?

I’m about to buy a 4570a, as my supplier doesn’t stock the 4571 yet, is there any reason to wait (and pay more) for the 4571, it’s going in a Linux box, so no chance of LabelFlash anyway (not that I would want it).

Are there any other differences - newer firmware or anything?

Cheers :wink:

Get the 4570 if labelflash is not required. Supposedly the difference is only in the firmware, one having LabelFlash & the other not.

Currently Dee is doing some work on the 4570 but not the 4571 so see improvements coming.


one more vote for the 4570 since you dont need labeflash. :slight_smile:

yeah i noticed that the 4571 doesnt seem to have much on the hacked firmware side.

Neither do at the moment but in future …