Buying 90/99/100-minute CD-R in USA

Where can I buy it that ships to USA? What kind of prices do they have here (USA)? Thanks for any info…

PS: Oddly,, which supplies all the TY stuff and another of other manufacturer’s media, doesn’t seem to supply these discs. :frowning:

It’s not suprising. By definition disks that exceed 80 mins are ‘out of specification’ using either a much tighter spiral and/or getting too close to the hub, both of which does not meet the specifications for CDs. While you may find a specific writer that will reliably write such blanks, the odds that the average cd player will be able to playback such blanks to the very end are low with the 90s and extremely rare with the 99/100 blanks. No one who is serious about CDs ever considers using these blanks. That’s why a reputable dealer like RIMA will never sell such ‘out of spec’ media.

“No one who is serious about CDs ever considers using these blanks”

Sorry Adam, but I back this up… :iagree: - interestingly enough no “serious” manufacturer (that I know of) produces these “extended play” CDs.

All 90-99 minutes discs I came across were made by marginal manufacturers like Plasmon, CSI, Infosmart, Infomedia… :Z cream of the crap :wink:

OK. Well, I guess that settles it: I won’t be buying any even if I can get them here. I’ll just stick to TY CD-Rs for small stuff & DVD-Rs for anything that would make sense to put on DVD-Rs.

PS: Is using Plextor’s GigaRec any better than using 90/99-min blanks?

“Is using Plextor’s GigaRec any better than using 90/99-min blanks”

If you use top-notch media, probably. But personally I get paranoied with ANYTHING that tries to “make more with less” by bypassing standard technical specifications… overclocking, overburning, I leave this sort of adventures to… the adventurous. :slight_smile:

If the idea is to save money, I’ll choose the “cheaper-but-not-that-bad-discs” approach anytime over the “getting-more-MB-out-of-a-disc” one. :bigsmile:

Only MY opinion. Maybe users that have experience with Gigarec will have another opinion.

I would definitely agree with you here, as this is what I do with DVD-Rs (I only buy TY). However, the particular files I’m burning are well over 700 MB (around 750 to 900 MB EACH) and I want to be able to listen to them on my MP3-CD player(s) (iRiver iMP-550 & iMP-900). I will be archiving these to DVD-Rs too, so the CD-Rs are definitely not the only place these files are going.

Ritek has some 99 minute CD-Rs, but they are not available in the US.
I’m not sure about their availability in other locations or even if they produce them any more.
They sent me a few samples from Taiwan…