Buying 2GB of RAM. 2x1GB or 4x512MB?

I am about to buy 2GB of PC3200 for my system. I currently have two sticks 512 that will be going into another system.

Which would perform better, 2x1GB or 4x512MB? My MB supports dual channel, btw.

get 2x1gb as some mobos slow down to PC2700 when 4 sticks are used

I went with 2x1024, which works great for Dual Channel

Ok. I’ve decided to go with 2x1GB.

Off topic, but have you guys seen any deals on decent RAM? Best I can find is Corsair Value at $99 for 1GB.

Corsair Value is good stuff, I believe. I’d go for it.

crap ddr has gone way up!

damn kids and their ddr2 :stuck_out_tongue:


When buying two sticks of ram - is really best to buy good - matched pairs - for the best performance - here is the G.Skill matched pc3200 1gb sticks:

I personally have these in my burning machine - and it is hella fast and reliable too-eh!

(btw - caution on OTZ rebates - a whole bunch of peeps have been ripped off by these guys)

I’d go for
Good compatibility and bang for the buck. I’m somewhat hesitant with rather “odd” brands such as G.Skill, PQI, Rosewill, TwinMOS (TwinMOS used you use rather sucky M-tec memory chips in the past which caused a lot of issues).

Yo DiiZzY-

If you had googled “G Skill” and then read the comments and ratings in my post and then the ones in your post - I sincerely doubt that you would have said what you said-eh!

Actually I did, you rarely see “G.Skill” tested on motherboards etc…
What you’re raving about is 2.5-3-3-6 vs 3-3-3-8 and I would certainly go for a brand that’s frequently tested by motherboard makers.

I also have that and will vouch for G.Skill. and boy has the price went up for ddr like someone else said. I paied $160 for mine 6 months ago.

or if you had read the review section on newegg, 203 reviews, practically all of them saying G.Skill is solid and works as advertised.

Yo AB-

Welcome to the Forums and thanks for the props bra-eh!

I ended up getting a Kingston HyperX 2x1GB 2-3-2-6 kit. It was the best price I could find for 2GB with CL2. $211.10 at pagecomputers.

I don’t know anything about G.Skill, but I have seen the reviews on newegg. However, Kingston has always been great and I figured it was better to pay an extra $5 per stick to get 2-3-2-6 rather than 2.5-3-3-6

I’d rather change the motherboard first and get DDR 2 modules because DDR 2 modules are now cheaper than DDR (1).

Well, I’d rather spend an extra $50 on slower memory, than replace my mobo, cpu, and video card. I’m not ready to build a new system yet.