Buying 1620 from newegg, but a need few answers

Newegg has 2 1620 drives avail, Model#: DW1620 PRO($53.99) & Model#: DW1620($66.99).

  1. Anyone know what firmware the PRO comes with? Are there any major issues with this version?

  2. Why is the older version more expensive?

  3. I only use +R media (Verbatim MCC, but do have a few Fuji TY’s) how well does it work with this media?

  4. Should I get the older one and just upgrade to the P9 firmeware? Seems to be very reliable.

Please don’t try and offer me any other brand of Dual layer burners, I am set on getting the 1620, just curious on these 2 choices…thanks

Thats all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for any info you guys can provide

Most of your questions have been answered numerous times on these forums.

  1. Pro I think comes with B7P9 and later out of the factory. These firmwares work fine.

  2. shrug Marketing and whatever sales are running currently I guess.

  3. The media mentioned is some of the best you can buy for any DVD Burner, it works well in the BenQ.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about what model you get or how old it is - BenQ’s can be cross-flashed so even if you’d get one with OEM Firmware you can flash it up to B7T9 or B7U9 if you want, I always found B7T9 and now B7U9 to be better than P9 but this I think is user preference and potentially media quality as well.

Wouldn’t dream of offering any other DVD Burner choices. Most of the Burners (BenQ, NEC, Pioneer, Plextor and LG…) are great quality writers. You can’t really go wrong with any of those 5 brands.

The $67.00 model is the “retail” model.
The $54.00 model is the “OEM” model.

Pro & non-Pro are the same in hardware. With firmware B7P9 and greater it becomes a Pro…

I Like TY + best. The burners you mentioned are all physically the same except for the faceplate. And you can flash it every which way to OEM firmware G series to B series retail up and down P to U and back again U to P. Pros are burners with P and up firmware which you will be able to do. If you don’t need the software you can go with the cheapest.

  1. Probably B7P9.

  2. It’s a retail, boxed version. Better packaged, though I don’t think BenQ includes any cables or media in the retail box. Mine was from Amazon and I don’t remember any extras, except a software disc and a thin black and white manual. Newegg also adjusts prices frequently based on their stock level and demand. They may simply be sitting on hundreds of OEM 1620s but only a few retail-boxed drives :slight_smile:

  3. MCC and TY +R are some of the best media for this drive.

  4. Sure, I don’t see how a retail version is really worth an extra 20%. (I bought one because I thought it was less likely to be damaged in shipping, but my older OEM 1620 turned out to be just as good.)

so the cheaper one doesn’t come with connector cables?

Neither one comes with any cables. Also, if you don’t mind waiting for the rebate, the retail version will end up being slightly cheaper than the beige OEM.

ok…well I think I’m just going to go with the DW1620 BLK PRO, for $54…thanx again for all your help

When you get it if it comes with a “G” Firmware instead of a “B” firmware just flash it with WinDWFlash and then the B firmware of your choice using one of the .cvt files. I personally like B7U9 from what I see of it so far. What you can do is take the .cvt file for B7P9 and then use the official flasher to go up to B7U9 from there. Good luck with your new drive, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! :bigsmile:

When I receive my 1620, how do I go about checking the installed firmware? Also, where do I get the WinDWFlash program?

You can get the WinDflash program here and also on the dangerous Brothers firmware page. You can see what your firmware is in CD-DVD Speed.

Ok, new guy here. Made up my mind, Benq 1620 Pro is on the way. Although I plan on using the burner (hopefully succesfully) with the firmware it comes with I went ahead and downloaded WinDWFlash. But I have no idea how to use it? Are there any online directions on how to work this program? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

The 1620Pro I got from Newegg came with G7Z9 firmware (actually stated on a label on top of the burner) which I promptly cross flashed to B7T9 using the WinDWFlash program Hef linked to.

This is my 2nd 1620 and they both burn fine. In fact I did a silly thing with the 1st burner by running QScan on 250+ discs across 2 days practically non-stop. It’s still ticking thank you.

You can use DVD Identifier. Latest version is 3.6.2 and you can get it from here.

Once you run DVD Identifier, it will automatically find all the drives on your system and display the firmware in [brackets] just after the drive name…

I’m also planning on getting the 1620 from newegg very soon.

one quick question, how do i remove the firmware from a previous burner that will be replaced?


Ok just got it it has firmnware G7Z9. How is this firmware. Should I get the P9?

Also, the only media I use is +r and Verbatim (MCC) and fuji Ty. How are these with this drive/firmware

If the only media you are going to use are MCC004 and TY T02 than I would recommend going to the latest B7U9 for the BenQ 1620…

really sad case that you guys in US do not get retail packs…

but is the one at newegg retail pack??

ok heres what sold in singapore

Pro - same as 1620A but comes with nero…no ide cable
1620A - comes with sonic and IDE cable and Philips C16 media (1 pc)

They sall retail packs, NE has OEM and retail. You might want to flash to G7P9 first and do a couple of burns and then if it’s seems in good operating order cross flash to B series firmware.

Tweezers and a small jeweler’s screwdriver. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, you don’t need to remove the firmware that’s in place, you just flash over it.